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This is a Dreyse 6.35mm Type II Vest Pocket Pistol which production may have begun in late 1909, after the German patent was applied for. The Dreyse Vest Pocket pistol was patented in Great Britain in 1910 (British patent 1910-20660) by Louis Schmeisser.  The British patent states that a German patent had been applied for on 8 September 1909. This small .25 calibre (6.35mm) pistol was purchased by many German high ranking officers of WWI. (Dryse07)

NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Matthews states that the Dreyse 6 .35mm pistol was designed in 1908 but  “...probably was not offered commercially until 1909 (or possibly 1910), as the patent situation was not cleared up until 1910.”   Both guns appear in the ALFA catalogue of 1911, which must have been in preparation as early as 1910.

Louis Schmeisser became the chief designer for RM&M in about 1902.  By 1906 Schmeisser had designed the 7.65mm Dreyse pistol for RM&M, by 1908 he had designed the 6.35mm Dreyse Vest Pocket pistol, and by 1909 or 1910 he had designed the 9mm Parabellum Dreyse pistol

Above we have field stripped the gun to show all the matching serial numbers and the simplicity of the designl This gun is just about new and shows only test firing. To Field Strip the Gun:

  • Remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty.  Pull the trigger to uncock the striker.
  • Lift up the rear sight and remove the locking bar from the top of the gun.
  • Draw the slide back about 1/4 inch and hold it open with your thumb.  Either lift the barrel out or tilt the gun upside down and let it drop out of the slide.
  • Ease the slide off the front of the gun.


The little Dreyse is nearly identical in size and profile to the 1906 FN Browning, with which it was clearly intended to compete, though it does not have a grip safety like the Browning.  Like the Browning, it is a striker-fired blowback-operated gun.  The Dreyse is designed to look as if it has a full length slide like the Browning, but it doesn’t.  Instead, it has an open-top slide like the 1900 Mannlicher, consisting of a breech block at the rear with side plates that extend forward to enclose a recoil spring beneath the barrel.


After 1901 the Dreyse company was owned by the Rheinische Metallwaaren & Maschinenfabrik company (RM&M, later known as Rheinmetall), located in the town of Sömmerda in Thuringia, Germany.  RM&M used the Dreyse name for their small arms.

There are 16 triangular-cut serrations at the rear of the slide to assist in retracting it.  The barrel has a hood or shroud over it which is machined from stock to appear to be contiguous with the slide.  A short vertical peg descends at right angles from the rear of the barrel, beneath the chamber, and fits into a hole in the frame. 

Above: The original operators manual comes with the gun. The Rheinische Metallwaaren & Maschinenfabrik (RM&M, later known as Rheinmetall) of Sömmerda was an engineering firm founded in 1889 that primarily made field artillery.  In 1901 they purchased Waffenfabrik von Dreyse, a manufacturer of sporting rifles and revolvers which had fallen on hard times.  Thereafter, RM&M used the Dreyse name for its small arms production--machine guns and pistols.

The Dreyse Vest Pocket measures 115mm long (4.5"), is 25mm wide at the grips and 18mm (11/16" in) wide on the slide and 78mm (3") high.  The barrel is 55mm long and the magazine capacity is 6 rnds.  The gun empty weighs   


The gun is marked DREYSE on the left side of the slide in all capital serif characters.  The serial number is stamped on the right side of the frame just above the trigger pin.  The serial number is also stamped in full on the inside of the slide, the bottom of the barrel, and the bottom of the locking bar.  The first digit of the serial number on the frame of some specimens is partially obscured by the right-side grip panel.  The barrel, slide, and frame are stamped with the German crown over N proof for nitro (smokeless) powder.  The grips are of checkered black hard rubber with an RM&F monogram in an oval cartouche at the top.

The II variant eliminated the scallops on the      slideand has the edges of the barrel and slide while chamfering at approximately a 55° angle from the horizontal.  The single extractor is moved up from the flat side to the angled portion of the chamfer on the breech block, and is pinned at an angle from the side of the breech block up through the corner of the slot for the locking bar. 

This is the most common variant of the Dreyse Vest Pocket pistol.  The lowest serial number recorded for this variant is 4013 and the highest is 74608.  From these numbers we can estimate that nearly 95% of all Dreyse Vest Pocket pistols are of the Type IIB variety.

It is entirely subjective to give any Luger a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few Lugers are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder. 


This Dreyse is identified as a curio and can be send directly to C&R licensees and above. Questions to: josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com. Included with this all matching Dreyse is the original magazine and the original instruction manual in a post production period box.

These are proven collector and protection handguns and make a very good addition to your collection at last century hand cannon.

We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria. This Luger is offered for $845.00 in an over the counter cash transaction.  Thanks for looking.


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