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We will be attending some of the following gun shows and we look forward to seeing you if you are in the vicinity:

January 20-21st, 2018 Lakeland Florida (Tampa vicinity) Rudeness & Rules of this small show is contributing to its demise, dealers are moved from room to room without explanation, no ADA loading and unloading, many empty tables among the vacuum jug salesman, engraver set up, beef jerky and western statues as the show descents into a flea market.  And the gate is $15 a head.
January 21-23, 2018 Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, Las Vegas NV
Feb 10th & 11th, 2018  Forks of the Delaware  Allentown PA  Too close to Louisville for  us in winter weather.
Feb 22th & 24th, 2018  SOS [Ohio Valley Gun Collectors Association] Louisville KY    THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS
April 7-8th, 2018 Tulsa Gun Show, Tulsa OK
May 12th & 13th, 2018 Allentown, Forks of the Delaware, Allentown PA
May 19-20, 2018  Colorado Gun Collectors, Denver CO

June 9th & 10th, 2018 Louisville KY  National Gun Day Show

If You Missed the January & February Show they will be back in June & October.

July 14-15th, 2018  Allentown, PA Forks of the Delaware
September 16-17th, 2017 Louisville KY   
October 19-23, 2018, MAX Show, Monroeville PA
October 20st & 21st, 2018 Forks of the Delaware  Allentown PA
October 27th  & 28th, 2018 Louisville KY  National Gun Day Show
November 10th-11th, 2018 Tulsa Gun Show, Tulsa OK  THE BIGGEST
December 2-3rd Crossroads Phoenix Gun Show, Phoenix AZ  We will be in the SAR building!

Check back for updated information on NEW shows, cancellations or representation.


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