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1916 Navy
This is a 1916 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken)dated Navy;  with the 6 inch (150mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum. The Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine. It also has a very unusual characteristic with an adjustable hold-open.   (1773)  MORE PICTURES  New
1934 K-Date 2nd Variation: This is a complete rig with an all matching K-Date with the mixture of Scriptic and Gothic "S" proofed to the majority of small parts. A 2nd matching magzine, a 1934 holster with a pouch for the loading and cleaning rod both furnished.  Go to More Pictures for full story.  MORE PICTURES  (1981) New
SS 1933 Dagger
Early 1933 SS Dress Dagger: Originally awarded to the small group of men that formed Hitler's body guard the SS grew into an elite fighting force that served as the "tip of the spear" in the Nazi era. This is a marvelous example in original minty condition is a must-have for the Dagger collector.



"1938" Unit Marked for WWII North Sea Navy, marvelous 1938 all matching S/42, two matching magazines, a proofed loading tool and a 1938 dated and proofed holster.


"Kings Own" Unit Marked for Kaiser Wilhelm II 1st Mounted Calvary a 1910 DWM Luger with an all-matching Parabellum Rig, two matching magazines, a proofed loading tool and an Imperial army holster.               PRICE REDUCED


Vickers Luger

"Vickers" The M11 for 1911 acceptance by the Dutch this Parabellum was Basically a 1908 Parabellum with the "RUST" Dutch "Safe", double-sided 'GELADEN' on the extractor These 'commercial type' models were assembled by Vickers in 1922 for delivery during the period of restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles.   CLICK ON PICTURE  (1892)    New    SOLD

1936 Krieghoff "P" Code This is a very low serial "P" Code Commercial Krieghoff, properly Side Framed marked Luger with a very rare 150mm (6") barrel in the 7.65mm. This gun bears the characteristics of those commercial guns made in 1939 by markings and identification with nearby serial numbers and factory papers.  MORE PICTURES (1380) New

1940 Walther "0" Serial Series 2: This is a Series 2 of the pre-production Walther P-38. Conceived in 1938 to replace the Parabellum for cost and time savings it was tested in 1939-1940. There are less of these guns made during tests than any other series.  Available for Layaway.

MORE PICTURES    (1971) New

1923 Long Barrel Carbine: This is a 1920's long barrel carbine with a full stock serial numbered to the gun. Really a beauty. MORE PICTURES    (1449) New

1908 Steyr Pocket Derringer: This is a Steyr "Pieper" 6.35mm version with the tip-up barrel and a six round magazine. The 1908 Steyr Pieper is an extractorless blow back design with a drop barrel. Ahead of its time in design with few manufactured.


1934 Mauser "K" Date Full Rig:  This is a 1st Variation, 3 digit serial number very early K-Date for the discriminating collector. The Scriptic "S" shows on many of the small parts as one of the most proofed guns we have presented. The crown jewel for Mauser collectors.         SOLD

MORE PICTURES    (1961) 

1928 DWM Dutch Navy This is a 1928 commercial 9mm, 100mm barrel without a grip safety but with a stock lug bought by contract for the Dutch Navy. Berlin-Karlsruher Industrie-Werke Aktiengesselshaft (BKIW) the successor to DWM.  Unique Dutch Navy Markings.       MORE PICTURES   (1830) New

1936 "36" Krieghoff Rig:  This is one of 500 known models of a super rare variation of the Legendary Krieghoff Luftwaffe contract of only 10,000 Parabellum.  A must have for the advanced collector and sought after world-wide for its craftsmanship, this is a full rig with an all matching 9mm P.08, a 1936 dated holster with Eagle 2 proofs, a Krieghoff proofed loading tool and a 2nd matching magazine.

MORE PICTURES   (1962) New

1940 Dated 42 Code1940 Mauser Luger



1940 "Dutch Banner"1735MORE PICTURES   (1735)

1914 DWM Imperial Rig

41/42 KüKüMORE PICTURES     (1924) 

New 1917 Colt .45 1911
MORE PICTURES    (1537) 

1906 Swiss
Waffenfabrik Bern

1908 Bulgarian1842


"S" Code early 1936 Krieghoff

(1788)  "S" Code Krieghoff  

1906 Portuguese Navy
1906 Portuguese

MORE PICTURES (1690)     


1928 Dutch Navy Luger

(1736) 1928 Dutch Navy

1906 American Eagle 7.65mm

  1906 American Eagle Luger

READ MORE   (1959)

1923 Commercial  (1320)

ONLY $1,295.00


1936 (Engraved 1941)
Presentation Krieghoff

READ MORE   (1215) 

1899 Borchard
Transitional Luger

 175mm barrel, un-reinforced rear sight GL intertwined on the rear toggle 

READ MORE   (1563)

1945 Krieghoff Presentation
"The Butterfield Luger"

READ MORE   (1865)


1900 DWM American Eagle w/Ideal Stock

1900 Ideal Stock & Holster 

MORE PICTURES  (1913)      


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(*) Down payment derived from 20% of the purchased price and balance divided by 12 months for guns over $3000.00 and six (6) months for guns under $3000.00. No interest, payoff whenever you want. Call for details.

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