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The is an "S" Code early 1936 military Krieghoff.  This Luger has all matching serial numbers, a 9mm Luger has a 100mm barrel and bears the Krieghoff Suhl logo on the front link. There is a 'v' notch rear sight on the rear link and a full bladed inverted 'v' sight on the front. There is a stock lug. The frame is the new short type with a stock lug and serial numbers on the front of the frame and the side of the receiver. (1788)

"S" Code Krieghoff

This is a completely matching, 1908, DWM  contract gun made for the Bulgarian Government and marked with the Royal Crest of Bulgaria on the first toggle with a 9mm, 100mm barrel.  The extractor is marked "ЛЪДЕВНЪ" the Bulgarian word for loaded. The Bulgarians referred to the 1908 model as Model 1911 as was given the P.08 Imperial German Army Luger adapted by the Bulgarian military in 1911. (1783)

1908 Bulgarian Luger

1902 9mm American Eagle Fat Barrel   In September 1902 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken) began to manufacture the 9mm which was developed by Georg Luger after the military test trials in the United States.   These had the 4" (100mm) barrel that was a "thick" or "fat barrel" as they are known by collectors.  Production continued into 1903 for the "fat barrel" series to include the American Eagle Fat Barrel, The American Eagle Cartridge Counter and the Commercial  Fat Barrel.  Truly a collectors dream.     (1790)  

1902 American Eagle Fat Barrel

Turkish Security Police  This is a 1934 model Mauser Parabellum build as a contract gun by Mauser for the Turkish Security Police.  These are very rare to find as they are seldom released from service. The first toggle link is marked with the  Mauser Banner logo indicating a commercial contract gun. The Parabellum comes with a original holster, two matching magazine and a loading tool. There are no import marks indicating this was probably a security gun for embassy personnel that brought them into the US.    (1490)

Turkish Police  

This is a 1940 Chamber dated Mauser Code 42 built for the German Wehrmacht. This Parabellum is 9mm with a 4" (100mm) barrel that is proofed and serial numbered to the gun.  Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen."  This example has all matching numbers and a 2nd matching magazine including the holster, belt, buckle, chest strap and loading tool.  (729)

1940 Mauser Code 42 Rig    

The Rampant Colt Logo on the presentation case along with the consecutive numbered derringers  stamped Colt over the barrel represents the finest in the collectible market. From 1959 until 1963, First Series Fourth Models had an “N” serial number suffix, with 112,000 guns made. A Second Series, with a “D” suffix, was made from 1970 to 1973, with 25,000 produced.  Unlike the silver-plated bronze frames of the Third Model, the Fourth Model featured nickel- or gold-plated Zamak (zinc alloy) cast frames with barrels plated to match. Some barrels were given a black oxide “Du-Lite” finish. Stocks were walnut or “plasticized” pearl or ivory.

Colt Presentation .22 Derringers  (563)

This is a excellent example of the 1920 Model DWM sporting carbine made for Brazil with a Carrada extractor. These were a limited manufacture for the "light rifle market". The barrel is 300mm long with a ramp front sight and came in the 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger).  These guns utilized the "short" frame and sear of the later models along with the characteristic diced toggles. (1476)     1920 Brazilian Carbine

1941 Krieghoff/Mauser Kü byf Code: This is an outstanding example of the Kü variation.  At the start of 1941 dates were changed to two digits and the P.08 markings were begun. In February 1941 the 42 Code was changed to "byf" so production. It is known that during 1941 the Luftwaffe procured 36,000 Parabellums but how many were Kü marked is not recorded.  (1731)

41 byf Kü Mauser                     

Krieghoff "P" Code This is a very low serial "P" Code Commercial  Krieghoff, properly Side Framed marked Luger with a 100mm (4") barrel in the 9mm. This gun bears the characteristics of those commercial guns most probably made in 1936 by the markings and identification with nearby serial numbers and factory papers. The front sight is the full blade inverted "v" mounted on the 100mm barrel. The finish is the deep salt blue that is applied to a finely polished surface and it gives the gun the quality of a sporting arm that Krieghoff is famous for.   (1516)

1936 "P" Code    

Being offered is a 1943 production Nambu Model 14, all matching gun with an excellent holster, second magazine, cleaning rod and second firing pin in an original battlefield configuration.  This is a beautiful gun from a bring-back veteran that would compliment anyone's collection. This is a complete rig officer's model 1935 Nambu Type 14 Japanese Imperial pistol Model 17.9.   The gun is all matching, produced by the Nagoya Arsenal and comes with the hard shell holster, a cleaning rod and spare firing pin.  The Nambu is an 8mm weapon firing the 8x22mm cartridge with a 117mm barrel and overall length of 230mm (9.06 in).  The gun weighs 1.98 lbs unloaded. This model is distinctive with the enlarged trigger guard which began to be manufactured in September 1939  (1505)

1943 Japanese Nambu   

This is a 9mm Luger manufactured by DWM for the Riff Tribe in Morocco. It has a 100mm (4") barrel, is modified as a police issue with a sear and magazine safety, plus it has a police unit identification markings. There is no chamber date or any manufacturers identification. During the 1928-29 period approximately 1000 of these unmarked guns were made for export and a political decision was made to cancel the order.  As Germany began to re-arm these unmarked guns were assembled and diverted to the Berlin police  This is a complete rig with Police Style Holster, Police Belt & Buckle, Luger with Matching Magazine and extra magazine and tool in the holster. (1778)

1928 Berlin Police Rig     

1916 Imperial DWM Full Rig.  This is a beautiful example of the 1914 Model DWM (Deutsches Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken Co) Manufactured Pistole-08. The chamber marking represent the military contract year of production and this example is a 1916 dated Luger. this is a full rig with an all matching 1916 dated Luger, a 1916 dated holster, a 2nd magazine, loading tool, period belt and Imperial belt buckle. (953) 

1916 Imperial Rig   SOLD

 DUTCH:   This is a 1928 commercial 9mm on a new 1906 Model frame, 100mm barrel with a grip safety and no stock lug. Berlin-Karlsruher Industrie-Werke Aktiengesselshaft (BKIW) bear the marking DWM the forward toggle link, "RUST" with an arrow curving upwards above the thumb safety lever and "GELADEN" on both sides of the extractor. The Dutch labeled this as the M11 and only 3,820 were delivered in 1927/1928  (1487)

Dutch 1928 KOL   

The magazine pouch shown was used with the 1930's Dutch holster and would have been an accessory to the 1928 contract Dutch KNIL Dutch M.11 Luger. This very rare Dutch two magazine pouch from the "Sam Brown" dated leather gear.  This is the best one we have seen in 10 years with all the pockets intact and the original snap covers.  This was a two magazine pouch and carried the pin punch and the loading tool.  Proofed at the top; this is the once in a life time chance. This is offered for $2500.00.  Click on Link for more pictures. (AC143)

Dutch Mag Pouch

This is a excellent example of the 1920 Model DWM (Deutsches Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken Co) sporting carbine. These were a limited manufacture for the "light rifle market". The barrel is 300mm long with a ramp front sight and "Navy" rear site  in the 9mm.  These guns utilized the "short" frame and sear of the later models along with the characteristic diced toggles. In addition to the long Mannlicher stock there is the ('06) grip safety (2nd Issue Navy) and (08') model sear and toggles, manufactured after the 1st World War for the commercial market inside Germany.

Navy Mannlicher Carbine   (1728) 

1900 Serbian: This is a 1900 Model DWM manufactured for presentation to Serbia to solicit their business in the Luger. This Parabellum is in 7.65mm with the classic 120mm pencil thin barrel. Grip safety, dished toggles with a hold open, no stock lug and beautiful fine point checkered grips. This is a fabulous collectors item with all matching numbers.  One of five known.  (1729        1900 Serbian    

This is a 1935/06 Mauser Banner Portuguese "Guarda Nacional Republicana" (Republic National Guard) made by Mauser under contract in 1935. With a 120mm (4 3/4") Barrel chambered for the 7.65mm. This represents a complete rig as issued with the all matching gun, three unmarked (commercial) magazines, punch, cleaning rod, two-magazine pouch and loading tool. These Lugers were unheard of in the collector market, until many years ago when a large group was purchased from the Government of Portugal and imported into the U.S. with only 564 produced.  (1543)

1935 Portuguese GNR   

Pre-1916 Austrian Aviator Badge

WWI Enthusiasts:  This is a dress uniform aviator badge issued before 1916 to Austrian pilots and bears the initials of Emperor Franz Josef I from the House of Habsburg who at one time reigned over Austria, the Kingdom of Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Sicily, Naples, Spain, Hungary-Croatia, Bohemia and Portugal.WWI Austrian Pilot Badge (AC124) 

The is a 1944 Spreewerk (cyq) P-38 smuggled by a German PO into Camp Sutton, Monroe NC and a holster made from an American army boot with an unusual 'tinnie' attached which if anyone know the origin please contact us. This really minty 9mm P-38 comes with the provenance of the person who captured it from the POW.  A real piece of history and a beautiful P-38  (1678)

1944 Spreewerke POW Rig (1678) 

This is a 1900/1903 Model Transitional early numbered Parabellum manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken. The early Lugers were being tested by the Germans, Swiss and in 1904 the Dutch trials had begun.  This is the classic 7.65mm Luger with the old frame, 120mm pencil barrel, long sear, steel spring flat extractor and dished toggles plus this Luger represents the transition between the the two leaf and the coil spring. (1438)   1900-03 Transitional Luger

This is a detachable flash suppressor designed for the Parabellum in both 9mm and 7.65mm. Designed by the Swiss and shown in the Still's Third Reich Lugers Page 175

Flash Suppressor ŰClick on Button to See Picture Layout.  See Accessories Accessories

1940 Krieghoff, one of 100 made in 1940 and in minty condition. This is a beautiful example of a 1940 dated Hermann Krieghoff Luger with matching parts, These all matching guns outside the original contract are very hard to find for the advanced Krieghoff collectors.

1940 Krieghoff  (1377)

Krieghoff "P" Code:  This is a beautiful example of an early five-digit "P" Code commercial Heinrich Krieghoff Luger with matching parts, and all the known characteristics that the documented "P" Code Lugers represent. This is a very low serial "P" Code Commercial  Krieghoff, properly Side Framed marked Luger with a 100mm (4") barrel in the 9mm. Very Rare  Early "P" Code  Krieghoff  (1516)  

The Fabrique Nationale (FN) Browning Model 1922 pistol bears the distinction of being developed strictly at the request of a FN customer.  Specifically, the "Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes" (later known as Yugoslavia).  This is a  self loading semi-automatic pistol, blowback operated in 9mm Short (Kurtz).  1404

 FN Browning M1922  $895.00

This is a very low serial "P" Code Commercial  Krieghoff, properly Side Framed marked Luger with a very rare 150mm (6") barrel in the 7.65mm. This gun bears the characteristics of those commercial guns made in 1939 by markings and identification with nearby serial numbers and factory papers. 

Krieghoff Commercial "P" Code   (1380)

  Maadi Helwan, 9mm made in Egypt, imported in 1996, fixed sight, semi auto, single action, plastic grips, cross bolt hammer safety, last rd hold open, 8 rd mag, one mag, cleaning brush & rod, 4 1/2" bbl, finger rest, lanyard ring @ bottom of gun, looks like Beretta Brigadear, NIB  The Helwan is actually a licensed copy of the Beretta 51.  (1383)     $495.00             

 Beretta Licensed Maadi


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