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1902 American Eagle Cartridge Counter Evolving from the introduction of the 9mm Cartridge by Georg Luger these (only 50) American Eagle Fat Barrels were the first 9mm's build and represent an evolution in handguns.

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1917 "Artillery" Lange Pistole Full Rig:  This is the classic artillery model with the long 8" barrel, leaf sight with all matching serial numbers, 1917 dated holster, serial matching extra magazine, pouch, loading tool and cleaning rod.  All the matching brown leather and straps in a 99 year old full rig.


Ideal Stock

1900 DWM American Eagle w/Ideal Stock: This is an early 1900 with the very rare stock made before the Parabellum had a stock lug and requires the associated grips.  Works as a belt holster and shoulder stock.                MORE PICTURES (1913) New

1914 DWM Imperial Rig:  This is an all-matching 9mm Parabellum issued in 1914 (102 years ago) to the German Imperial Army Artillery School. It is unit marked and comes with a period holster, belt and field style belt buckle, two matching magazines and a loading tool


1906 DWM Swiss Cross

This is a Swiss Model 1906 manufactured by DWM at their factory in Berlin for Swiss military use. Numbering on the 06 DWM Swiss began at 5001 in 1906 with 600 guns delivered. This puts this Luger into mid-1908 for presentation.


1906 Swiss Waffenfabrik Bern




1906 American Eagle 7.65mm This is the classic 1906 American Eagle Luger.  From the 120mm barrel chambered for the 7.65mm cartridge this is a 'must have' for most American Eagle DWM Collectors. These were the first commercially sold in the US; DWM actually had to make the cartridges in those days. These were the export guns, stamped Germany and meant for the American market.  READ MORE   (1959) New

1936 (Engraved 1941) Presentation Krieghoff.  This magnificent gun is truly a work of engraving art produced by the believed to be Karl Kolb of Suhl for Ernst Wilhelm Hans Bohle, Gauleiter der Auslandsorganisation & SS-Obergruppenfuehrer (3 Star General) in the SS. Found by Charles Kenyon noted Luger author in books & magazine in Bermuda.

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1945 Engraved Presentation Krieghoff  This historical gun was presented by the Krieghoff family (Krieghoff letter included) to Frank Butterfield who assisted the family in moving from the US conquered portion of Suhl before it was turned over to the Russians as part of the Potsdam agreement.

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Police Luger

1941 Mauser Banner Police Eagle L. This is a commercial Parabellum produced by Mauser for the SS Occupying Police units that is marked in the military manner but not with military proofs.  The lone proof is the Eagle L of the German Police.  Extraordinary condition.



41/42 Kü [1941 Dated & Mauser Code]; The 41/42 Mauser frame and toggle is one caught between the transition of the Parabellum in 1931 from the Production Code. This is the legendary Kü apparently assembled by Krieghoff from Mauser made parts after the end of P08 production in 1942

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This is a 1898-99 Transitional Parabellum with a 175mm barrel, un-reinforced rear sight, hatched cut dished toggles,with many of the parts indicating this is a 1898 Transitional Pattern with the intertwined GL on the rear toggle. This amazing, one of one, Transitional Parabellum created before the 1900 adoption by the Swiss. (1563)  1899 Transitional Luger   

1908 Bulgarian1842


"S" Code early 1936 Krieghoff

(1788)  "S" Code Krieghoff  

1941 Chamber dated "41" Mauser by
41 Mauser byf SS Rig    (1406)   


1928 Dutch Navy Luger

(1736) 1928 Dutch Navy

1906 Portuguese Navy 1906 Portuguese

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1923 Commercial  (1320)

ONLY $1,295.00

This is a detachable flash suppressor designed for the Parabellum in both 9mm and 7.65mm. Designed by the Swiss and shown in the Still's Third Reich Lugers Page 175  Flash Suppressor  See Accessories Accessories

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