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1942 Mauser "Anzio" Capture Parabellum This is an end-of-production Mauser dated "42" (1942) with a serial numbered DWM toggle and an all-matching Luger that has the distinction of marking the date and location of capture inside one of the grips.  "Anzio  2/9/44"  What a self-documented bring back. (1887)     New


1918 Dated DWM Post-War This is a 1918 dated, what appears to be an end of the war Imperial Luger with all matching military numbers, with an "m" suffix and NO Imperial acceptance proofs. The gun is very clean and appears without any import marks making it an exceptional Parabellum. (1886)    New


Argentine Ballester-Rigaud .45 Cal Semi-Automatic. In 1927 Colt licensed Argentina to manufacture the 1911A1 to produce the Colt System 11.25. To supplement the demand Ballester had the System 27 reengineered taking from the M1911A1, the Spanish Star 9mm and with minor modifications produced a .45 caliber pistol that looks like a Colt, shoots like a Colt and sends out that 185 grain bullet at 870 fps for only $595.00 (1402)

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1929 Deathhead (Totenkopf) DWM post-WWI remanufactured to SS Police standards and issued with the sear safety and set up for the magazine safety. Issued with an SS marked shoulder holster.      (1839)


1906 Portuguese

This is a very rare Portuguese Royal Navy. One of 350 from a 1000 gun contract that was modified mid-contract by the abdication of the King during a revolution.  The Crown over the Chamber Anchor was removed on subsequent deliveries and the order was given to remove the Crown from the remaining. This is one of the un-modified original Crown Navy Portugues 1906 model in 9mm. (1690)    New 

1906 Portuguese Royal Navy

This is a 1940 Mauser Commercial Banner Luger issued to the German Railway Service "Deutsche Reichsbahn". The Luger is all matching with two matching magazines  in a Waffenamt proofed holster with an Officers Reichsbahn buckle. These were utilized by the Bahnschutzpolizei who were responsible for railway security. (1298)

1940 Reichsbahn Banner Rig

This is a 1898-99 Transitional Parabellum with a 175mm barrel, un-reinforced rear sight, hatched cut dished toggles,with many of the parts indicating this is a 1898 Transitional Pattern with the intertwined GL on the rear toggle. This amazing, one of one, Transitional Parabellum created before the 1900 adoption by the Swiss. (1563)  1899 Transitional Luger   New

1908 Navy Werft Marked
(1110) 1908 Navy

1906 Navy Altered

(1631)  1906 Navy Altered  

1922 Issued Navy Parabellum

1922 Commercial Navy (1863)

1945 Presentation Krieghoff
(1865) Krieghoff Presentation

"S" Code early 1936 military Krieghoff

(1788)  "S" Code Krieghoff  

1924/29 Three Line Stoeger

Stoeger 3 Line Navy (1890)

Carbine 1406
(1552) 1920 Luger Carbine

1941 Chamber dated "41" Mauser byf

(1406)  41 Mauser byf SS Rig  

1920 Model DWM

1920 Brazilian Carbine (1476)

1900 American Eagle Commercial

(1576) 1900 American Eagle

1900 American Eagle (Very Early)

  (1819) 1900 American Eagle  

1906 American Eagle

(1757)   1906 American Eagle  

1940 Mauser Commercial Dutch Contract 1735

(1735)Dutch 1940 Banner

1908 Bulgarian


  (1842) 1908 Bulgarian w.Holster  

1902 9mm American Eagle Fat Barrel1790

(1790)   1902 American Eagle Fat Barrel  

Swiss Model 1906 1796

(1796) 1906 Swiss Bern Rig

1594 Transitional Gun


  (1594) 1903 Commercial Transition Luger  

1924 DWM/Simson Police1096

(1096)   1924 DWM/Simson Police Rig  


1928 Dutch Navy Luger 1736

(1736) 1928 Dutch Navy

1928 Dutch (SOLD)


  (1487) Dutch 1928 KOL  

1940 Mauser Commercial Dutch Contract 1735

(1735)Dutch 1940 Banner

This is a post-WWI Parabellum built from the existing stock of parts when production stopped suddenly in November 1918 with the Armistice and abdication of the Kaiser. This is a 1923 as a 7.65mm designated by the manufacturer, DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken AG),  on the first toggle link and built for export.  . 1923 Commercial  (1320)

This is a detachable flash suppressor designed for the Parabellum in both 9mm and 7.65mm. Designed by the Swiss and shown in the Still's Third Reich Lugers Page 175  Flash Suppressor  See Accessories Accessories

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