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American Eagle

1900 DWM American Eagle.  This 7.65mm Parabellum is serial numbered just above the block designated as "Test Guns" by Reese.  Yet is meets all the criterial in markings and lack of any import marks. Suspected a replacement gun for damaged in testing.

New MORE PICTURES    (1819)

1951 Commercial Colt .45 Cal 

Step back in time to get this practically new in box Colt Commercial .45 made in the post war period by the Colt craftsman for the US commercial market.  Just beautiful w/box.

New MORE PICTURES    (1932)

1940 Mauser Luger

1940 Mauser Code 42.  An all matching Parabellum that is absolutely minty. One of the best we have seen in years with the Eagle 655 proofs and Eagle/Swastika Waffenamt proof.

New MORE PICTURES    (1903)

1940 Austrian Banner

1940 Commercial Mauser Banner with Austrian Proofs. All matching with a Austrian proofed believed to be WWII police holster markings and two matching magazines.  A very unique gun from a country that never was in WWII but fought as a German state. Super hard to find for the collector.

New MORE PICTURES    (1810)

1937 H. Krieghoff  This is a very rare 1937 Krieghoff within the initial 10,000 gun contract and possessing all the characteristics of the classic Krieghoff Luger.  Just beautiful craftmanship.

New MORE PICTURES    (1937)

1908 Luger

1908 1st Issue Imperial Luger   This is a first issue Luger ordered by the German military (therefore the designation P-"08") with the proofs on the left side and the early commercial numbering system. One of the first in the "a" block 

New MORE PICTURES    (1876)

Police Luger

1941 Mauser Banner Police Eagle L. This is a commercial Parabellum produced by Mauser for the SS Occupying Police units that is marked in the military manner but not with military proofs.  The lone proof is the Eagle L of the German Police.  Extraordinary condition.

1938 Radom

1938 Radom VIS 35(p) This is a pre-war Polish 9mm Radom in minty condition with the Polish Eagle and NO German proofs or marks on the gun. Originally adopted in 1935 and with full production it has been deemed one of the best pre-war pistols produced for quality and craftsmanship.


1906 Swiss Commercial. This is a 7.65mm Classic Luger squeeze grip 1906 Swiss Commercial manufactured by DWM  with the 120mm (4.75") Barrel for the Swiss commercial market. Numbered in the DWM 5 digit commercial series that is the one of the best models you can get. This Luger has the new model frame and no stock lug.;(781)

08 Bayard

1908 Bayard 6.35mm (.25 APC)  One of the least available of the Vest Pocket .25 caliber pocket guns.  Usually found in .32 or .308 this limited production pocket pistol is in very good to excellent condition and for the small calibre collector makes it a real find.  Follow to More Pictures. (1724)

Brunswig 7.65mm

French WWI Ruby 'Brunswig'  This is a 1916 model 7.65mm (.32 ACP) designed by Gabilondo of Spain from the Browning Mod 1903 and raised the magazine capacity to 9 rounds. When accepted by France in 1916 the orders overwhelmed the parent firm and up to 45 more contracts were sublet to produce the gun. Before the end of production in multiple countries it is estimated that variations of this firearm reached 750,000 copies.

New (1725)


1937 Mauser S/42:  This is an early 1937 Mauster with the strawed parts and DWM "no hump" frame.  Made in early 1937 and retaining all the characterisics of the early models with rust blued and straw blued parts this is the last of the deep blued original colored gun. This is an exccellent to minty condition and a great addition to any collection.

New   (1926) 


41/42 Kü [1941 Dated & Mauser Code]; The 41/42 Mauser frame and toggle is one caught between the transition of the Parabellum in 1931 from the Production Code. This is the legendary Kü apparently assembled by Krieghoff from Mauser made parts after the end of P08 production in 1942

New   (1924) 

1942 Mauser "Anzio" Capture Parabellum This is an end-of-production Mauser dated "42" (1942) with a serial numbered DWM toggle and an all-matching Luger that has the distinction of marking the date and location of capture inside one of the grips.  "Anzio  2/9/44"  What a self-documented bring back. (1887)     New Only $600 Down & 1 yr Layaway

This is a 1898-99 Transitional Parabellum with a 175mm barrel, un-reinforced rear sight, hatched cut dished toggles,with many of the parts indicating this is a 1898 Transitional Pattern with the intertwined GL on the rear toggle. This amazing, one of one, Transitional Parabellum created before the 1900 adoption by the Swiss. (1563)  1899 Transitional Luger   New

1945 Presentation Krieghoff
(1865) Krieghoff Presentation

"S" Code early 1936 military Krieghoff

(1788)  "S" Code Krieghoff  

1941 Chamber dated "41" Mauser by
41 Mauser byf SS Rig    (1406)   

1924/29 Three Line Stoeger 1890 Stoeger 3 Line Navy (1890)

1906 Portguese Navy 1906 Portuguese

MORE PICTURES (1690)    New 

1940 Dutch Banner


Dutch 1940 Banner

Trommel Magazine Loader


No permits required. New


1906 American Eagle 

(1757)   1906 American Eagle  

1903 Transitional Gun1594

1903 Commercial Transition Luger  (1594  

Swiss Model 19061796

(1796) 1906 Swiss Bern Rig

1908 Bulgarian


  (1842) 1908 Bulgarian w.Holster  

1923 Commercial  (1320)

ONLY $1,295.00

1940 Reichsbahn Banner Rig   (1298)

1900 American Eagle Commercial

(1576) 1900 American Eagle


1928 Dutch Navy Luger


(1736) 1928 Dutch Navy

This is a detachable flash suppressor designed for the Parabellum in both 9mm and 7.65mm. Designed by the Swiss and shown in the Still's Third Reich Lugers Page 175  Flash Suppressor  See Accessories Accessories

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