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1925 Simson Suhl: Really rare 1925 Simson 9mm with a two digit serial number. This is one of six hundred known. This is truly a rare find.
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1922 Stoeger Two-Line Artillery: WWI Lange Pistole not delivered to the Imperial German Army was proofed with the Nitro proof and designated with the Stoeger Logo. See more at MORE PICTURES        (2053)       New

1900 American Eagle Test Gun & Original Holster:  This is an early model long frame, 120mm barel, no import marks brought to the US for the 1000 ordered for the US Army 1901 Test Series. Additionally included is an orginal holster from that period which makes this rig complete.

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Unloading Tool: This is a very unusually tool designed to unload the 32 round Trommel (Snail) magazine designed for the Artillery Model Lange Pistole Parabellum

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DUTCH GUN.   This is a pre-WWII Parabellum manufactured by DWM for a contract to the Dutch for the East Indies Army. It was designated the M11 by the Dutch and only 3,820 were delivered in August/September 1928 within the range of 10182 to 14001 (inclusive). 

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The very rare 1904 Imperial Navy, Full Rig , This piece is a 6 inch (150mm) barreled all-matching 9mm Parabellum with the Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine. It has a matching stock, a proofed loading tool, a proofed cleaning rod,  a  two-magazine pouch with two extra matching magazines and a pigskin holster. 1 of 500  and modified to be an "Altered" during the transition from thumb down to thumb up saftey.
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1902 American Eagle 9mm Fat Barrel  Upon Georg Luger's return from the first US Test Trials he invented the 9x9mm we use to this day.  The 7.65mm catridge was accurate but the Americans wanted more "knock down". Due to the varying pressures of the early experimental guns these barrels were reinforced and manufactured in a very lmited amount.  1 of 500

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1918 Erfurt

1918 Erfurt (Unit Marked) Excellent example from the Royal Arsental at Erfurt of an end of WWI production Erfurt. One of the most proofed guns to collect the Erfurt proofed the smallest parts with the Imperial Crown proofs.  All matching

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1942 Krieghoff: This is a beautiful 1942 Krieghoff Rig with two matching magazines, a proofed loading tool and proofed Krieghoff Holster. Just splendid for the advanced collector who is seeking to put a crown on the collection. It doesn't get any better than a fully proofed full rig. Click below for more pictures.

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1900 Model Swiss: This is the original contract for the Luger. Bought by the Swiss military and having all the early characteristics this is the one gun is you only have one Parabellum in your collection.  Visit more pictures to see the story.
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1944 Krieghoff: This was one of the very end of the war Luger's produced by Krieghoff from parts left from the 10,000 gun initial order of 1935. True to all the traditions of the Krieghoff Parabellum with proofs and markingss. Just a joy for the advanced collector.

Right off the Shelf from an old collector who bought two of everything; one for use and another for posterity.  These may have been opened but no used and are in beautiful condition.

Here is a chance to put one of these on your library shelf and learn about the most recognized handgun in the world.  Call for info or click below.


1906 Swiss Commercial: This is the Classic 7.65mm squeeze grip Swiss early commercial Parabellum. When one decides to put the Luger in their collection the most recommended by collectors is the Swiss variations for their place in the pantheon of  Luger models.
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1918 Royal Arsenal at Erfurt This is a rather beautiful model of the end-of-the war 1918 Erfurt. This is a 9mm Parabellum with the 100mm barrel and all the proofs anyone could want.  Looking for a new home and collector.

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Dutch Luger

1922 Vickers (Dutch):  This one of 6,000 originally produced by Vickers (England) at the behest of DWM from an order of the Dutch but prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles from building it. Not only a quirk of history but a rare 1906 frame in a commercial configuration.
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1906 Model Swiss Bern: Producted under license from DWM the Swiss manufactured the Parabellum during WWI because the war demand on German manufacturing overcame its commercial business. Simply a beautiful reprsentation of the '06 Model and made until 1924 in this configuration.  This is a Swiss Military Model that had been released from service before the "P" [Privat] stamping on the frame.
1916 Navy
1916 Navy This is a 1916 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken)dated Navy;  with the 6 inch (150mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum. The Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine. It also has a very unusual characteristic with an adjustable hold-open.     MORE PICTURES  New(1773) 

1936 Krieghoff Full Rig: Magnificant 1936 Krieghoff with two matching magazines a proofed loading tool, in a Krieghoff proofed holster. This is the keystone of any serious collection. 

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1917 Arillery: Here is a late in the war 1917 Lange Pistole or Artillery Model. All matching and an excellent collector piece.

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1906 American Eagle 7.65mm

  1906 American Eagle Luger

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1906 Portuguese Navy1906 Portuguese


1906 Swiss Waffenfabrik BernMORE PICTURES (1923)


1945 Krieghoff Presentation
"The Butterfield Luger"

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1899 Borchard
Transitional Luger
175mm barrel, GL intertwined on the rear toggle 
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