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This is a 1940 Chamber dated Mauser Code 42 built for the German military after the contract for the P-38 was in production.  This Parabellum is 9mm with a 4" (100mm) barrel that is proofed and serial numbered to the gun.  Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen." (1903)

NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon. Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. Please visit Legal (tabbed) for Conditions of Sale.

Der Führer, Adolph Hitler, saluting the Condor Division upon their return from Spain to Germany in 1939.

The extractor is marked "GELADEN". The bore is good with distinctive lands and groove.  The thumb safety is new style, and blued. The thumb safety is marked 'Gesichert' and safe is down.  These end of contract production Code 42 Lugers (the P38 was under production as the side arm) were mostly issued to the SS troops and occupying police, that had their own procurement system. 

The barrel is matched to the gun with the gauge 8.82mm stamped.  The "f" serial suffix puts this "1940 date mid-1940 contract. Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.   The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the side of the locking bolt, on the trigger, on the bottom of the barrel, the side plate,  the left side of the receiver, the safety bar, the sear bar, the rear connecting pin, and on the extractor.

Above the full serial number appears on the frame, under the barrel on the side of the frame and on the magazines. the last two digits of the serial number appear on the small parts.  The barrel is gauge marked and serial numbered to the frame; the magazine is matching. This Luger has been cared for over 76 years now. It is looking for a good home. 

Note the top of the thumb safety where the last two digits of serial number are placed. The grips are numbered to the gun and the matching magazines.

In 1936 Mauser made a slight design change in the rear of the frame to lengthen the "ears" covering the rear main axel pin to provide better protection. This became know as the Mauser 'hump' due to the 2mm projection. Some earlier Mausers' were built on DWM frame from the acquisition but these were mostly used up in the production of the G-Date Parabellums' however a few pop up in later years. 
Above Left: The magazine is blue extruded sleeved with zig zag springs and aluminum Type III bottoms, matching and proofed with the Eagle 37.  The magazine is numbered to the gun.  Above Right the last two digits of the serial number appear on the small parts and the extractor is marked 'GELADEN', German for loaded to give the shooter a tactile and visual indication the gun is loaded.

The King Tiger Tank (Königstiger) or Royal Tiger in translation was the German heavy tank designed in 1937 and appearing in July 1944. Armed with the long barreled 8.8 cm KwK 43 L/71 gun.

A close up of the right side shows the two Eagle 655 military proof and the military acceptance (Waffamt). This Waffenamt straight wing eagle with a swastika also appears at the pressure test on the barrel and causes some to believe these are the real "Nazi" Lugers.

This Luger has been cared for over 76 years now. It is looking for a good home.   (Below) you can see the craftsmanship present in the machined parts, all serial number, all matching. Just a very clean, early war example of the Mauser code 42.

The first toggle link is marked with the 42 Mauser code, this was third of four logos that Mauser used during the war; S/42, 42, byf and the Banner.   There is the "V" rear sight on the rear toggle link and the last two digits of the serial number appear.

With the Parabellum in full recoil and the side plate removed one can see the entire inside of this well-cared for Luger. The thumb safety is down putting the gun in 'Safe' raising the sear stop but still permitting cocking to load the gun on safe.  The trigger is serial numbered under the side plate and the inside is minty.

(Above Left)  In 1932 the Reichswehrministerium issued an order that the rear connecting pin be serial numbered to the gun.  You can also see a fine examples of the fire-blued pin. (Above Right)  This view provides the underside of the side plate and locking lever; both serial numbered to the gun. 

The serial number appears on the front and back side of the gun.  There is very little wear on this Parabellum although you can see where it has been fired by the marks of the rear toggle on the frame above the lanyard loop.  Just a very clean representation when Germany was at the height of its power.

The right side show the various early Eagle 655 proof characteristic of the Mauser along with the straight winged Alder (Eagle) of the military acceptance stamp both on the frame and barrel. Beginning in 1939 this stamp was changed to the straight wing Alder with the Swastika giving rise to the Nazi marked guns.

It is entirely subjective to give any firearm a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few collectible weapons are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.  We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria. Any questions or request for additional purchases email to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com

This handgun is C&R eligible and can be transferred/sold in California because C&R handguns are exempt from the roster.

This is a fantastic example of the Code "42" Mauser 1940 Luger.  Any questions or requests for addition pictures to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com  This all matching Mauser 1940 Code 42 is offered for $3,295.00 over-the-counter.  

We reserve the right to sell any internet offering to a direct sale and do not warrant the availability of any firearm that does not have a physical deposit. This gun may be withdrawn without notice for in-store sale. Call for availability

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