1993 Mitchell Luger

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 In 1991 Mitchell Arms began to produce a copy of the German Parabellum P-08 made to the exact specifications but constructed of modern materials. This means stainless steel and walnut. The single action, toggle operated automatic was Georg Luger's improvement on Hugo Borcharte's mid-1890s automatic pistol. The frame was mostly bright stainless with a dull gray finish on the lower frame below the slide rails. (2172)


NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. Please see "Legal" for terms of sale.


The serial number is stamped on the left side of the frame below the slide rails. The thumb safety is pushed forward to allow the firing pin to drop if it is ever fired. That's right, this pistol appears to have ONLY test fired. The bore is virgin and the breech face shows no signs of ever having a cartridge fired through the chamber. The finish is w/o blemish and the grip panels and magazine show no sign of use. Like many Lugers this automatic pistol has a crisp trigger 

Where you would expect to find serial number and any Luger pistol under the barrel around the front of the frame these stainless guns do not have a number inscribed. The magazine is wood based to copy your original German Luger. Aftermarket magazines, good for shooters, fit well in this magazine well.

Over the chamber is a portion of the great seal of the United States or "the American Eagle", under that is the date 1993. The side plate is an easy fit, however the locking lever is very tight which attests to the fact that this done and spent his life in a safe and not on the range.

This minty gun as the extraordinary clean lines of the original Luger in the wooden grips well set off the stainless steel.


Most semi-automatic pistol designs use a reciprocating slide to chamber the initial round. After firing, the slide moves back to eject the empty shell casing and load a new cartridge. The Luger does not have a slide. Instead it has a toggle action that goes up and back, like bending a knee, to chamber, eject and load. The extractor is on the top of the action and acts as a loaded chamber indicator, protruding slightly and exposing the word “Geladen” when the gun is loaded. Spent casing are ejected through the top of the action and tend to fly backwards (I caught one in the forehead while testing). The Toggle is tight and pulling it is made easier if you point the pistol up at a 30-45 degree angle as you work the action. To release a locked back toggle, drop the magazine, or insert a loaded magazine, and push back (or pull back) on the toggle.


The inside of the gun is minty clean with no signs of deterioration for its age. The manual safety on the Luger is located on the left side of the frame above the thumb of a right-handed shooter. When in the up position, the gun is in firing mode. When down, it is on safe

Except for the American Eagle there are no marks, numbers or proofs visible from the top of the gun. Unlike the German manufacturers who use the first toggle link for their company logo this entire toggle train is clean of any marks.

Thiese pictures depict the full carriage with the thumb safety first down (safe) which pushes the sear stop into place; and then up (below) revealing the red dot to fire.

The red dot under the thumb safety telling the shooter that the gun is prepared to fire.


In early 1930 production was begun by Mauser in Oberndorf with the transfer of  the tooling and equipment from BKIW (DWM) factory in Berlin to Mauser-Werke. The first order was for the Dutch in November 1930 and then the American Eagle orders for A. F. Stoeger.  From 1930 until 1934 Mauser assembled many thousands of Lugers from DWM parts and stocks, plus reworked other for the paramilitary groups and the police.  Mauser proof marks left a trail across many Lugers.


The Grips are very clean and distinct showing no wear and although this gun appears to have a stock log it is not designed to fit the originals.

1993 Mitchell Luger


 In 1934 Mauser got it's first Military P-08 contract from the German Government. So was born the first military Mauser Luger, the "K" date of which it was estimated 10,900 were made. These were the 1934 production designation "K". 600 were pulled for the German Navy (Kriegsmarine).

Beginning in 1935 Mauser began by marking the guns with the "G".  From the "G" series beginning approximately with 930a to 5000f, (in blocks of 10,000) for approximately 54,700 guns, 700 were pulled out for the German Kriegsmarine and so marked.



This is a nearly impossible to find Mitchell Arms replicated P08 in this excellent condition. A much sought after piece for the ultimate collector with a Luger one can shoot and not worry about depreciating the value of the gun. This Parabellum is offered with for $1,895.00. This Luger is identified as a curio and can be send directly to C&R licensees and above.

We reserve the right to sell any internet offering to a direct sale and no not warrant the availability of any firearm. Call for availability as the gun may be sold before being posted as such on the internet. This gun may be withdrawn without notice for in-store sale.

 Any questions to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com.     

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