1942 Krieghoff Luger 

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This is a Chamber Dated 1942 Krieghoff, made for the German Luftwaffe from over-run parts based on the 10,000 gun contract that was completed in 1938 with the shipment of the last 50 guns.  This is a 1908 Model, 9mm with a 4" (100mm) Barrel, all matching gun  (1038)


The finish is the deep royal blue that is applied to a finely polished surface and it gives the gun the fine quality of a sporting arm that Krieghoff is famous for.  The grips went from maroon to black after the initial contract and the magazines became the code 122 with the Eagle 37 proof.

This weapons can be transferred with and FFL and C&R. If you are a collector it pays to have your own Curios and Relics license.  If you need more information about the gun to make your decisions then email


Krieghoff 1942 Luger Right Angle

Krieghoff 1942 Luger "Geladen" (Loaded)

Krieghoff proofing was part commercial and part military.  Where other military producers placed the last two digits of the serial number on the out side of the side plate and locking lever it was concealed on the Krieghoff.  Likewise where you expect to see the serial number on the rear toggle it is under the toggle, (see below).

Krieghoff 1942 Luger Serial and Gauge #

Above you can see the serial number on the frame, the barrel, gauge markings on the barrel, stage I & II proof and the Eagle @ State II proof on the matching magazine.

Krieghoff 1942 Luger top frame proofs

Underside of the upper slide shows the serial number on the rear toggle on the inside instead of the outside as found on the other manufacturers Lugers.  There is also the Eagle 2 Proofs hidden.

The trigger lever has the Stage I Proof and the back of the side place has the Stage II plus the last two digits of the serial number.

Here you can see inside the gun and the care it has received these past 65+ years.  You can also see the serial number on the trigger, and on the thumb safety extension.



This 1942 dated Krieghoff is characterized by Krieghoff logo on the first toggle,  the rear "V" cut fixed and front dovetailed sight and the frame with the stock lug. It is all matching, including the firing pin, and truly represents one of the most coveted Krieghoffs that collectors treasure.

The proofing is extensive on the Krieghoff and this gun is not exception with the Stage I and Stage II proofs on many of the small parts. On the left is the toggle in full recoil and you can see the serial number on the rear main axel pin.

It is entirely subjective to give any Luger a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few Lugers are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.  For more pictures are detailed explanations contact


The principle recipient of the Krieghoff Luger was the German Paratroops ( Fallschirjager)  A Luftwaffe general, Kurt Student, was given charge of airborne training.  The Parabellum was the weapon of choice and issue.

 The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) raised a variety of airborne light infantry (Fallschirmjäger) units.  German paratroopers were part of the German Air Force rather than the Heer (German Army). Starting from a small collection of Fallschirmjäger battalions at the beginning of the war, the Luftwaffe built up a division-sized unit of three Fallschirmjäger regiments plus supporting arms and air assets, known as the 7th Flieger Division (7th Air Division).

Fallschirmjäger units made the first airborne invasion when invading Denmark on the 9 April 1940. In the early morning hours of Operation Weserübung, they attacked and took control of Aalborg Air Base which played a key role acting as a refuel station for the Luftwaffe in the subsequent invasion of Norway. In the same assault the bridges around Aalborg were taken. Other airborne attacks during the Battle of Denmark were also carried out, including one on a fort on the island Masnedø.

Der Führer Adolf Hitler after giving the Iron Cross to members of the Fallschirjaeger.

Over 54,449 paratroops were killed in action and over 8,000 are still listed as missing in action.

Fallschirmjäger were awarded a total of 134 Knight's Cross of the Iron Crosses between the years 1940–1945. Twenty-four KC were awarded in the west and 27 were awarded after Crete. Out of the 134 KC, 15 were with oak leaves, five with oak leaves and swords, and one with oak leaves, swords and diamonds.

The German paratroopers were the first to be employed in unit sized operations and their bravery was unchallenged.  When the situation made it impossible to function as an attack unit their units were equipped with ground force equipment to engage the enemy.  On of the most outstanding operations was the defense of Monte Casino when the German Fallsschirjaeger Division stopped General Mark Clarks Army's attack up the Italian peninsula.   Despite the assurances of German General Kesselring (Left)that the monastery would not be used as part of the German Defenses the Allies bombed it to rubble.

On 15 February the monastery, high on a peak overlooking the town of Cassino, was destroyed by 1,400 tons of bombs dropped by American bombers. The bombing was based on the fear that the abbey was being used as a lookout post for the German defenders.Two days after the bombing, German paratroopers from the 1st Fallschirjaeger Division poured into the ruins; ironically, the destruction caused by the bombing and the resulting jagged wasteland of rubble gave these ground troops improved protection from air and artillery attack making it a more viable defensive position.  The Allies paid dearly making for separate attacks to win the Cassino

From 17 January to 18 May, the Gustav defenses at Monti Cassino were assaulted four times by Allied troops. For the last of these the Allies gathered 20 divisions for a major assault along a twenty mile front to drive the remnants of the German paratroop defenders from their positions but at a very high cost.


This is a beautiful example of a 1942 dated Hermann Krieghoff Luger with matching parts, The all matching guns outside the original contract are very hard to find for the advanced Krieghoff collectors  This is a very difficult date to obtain in this minty condition.

Krieghoff 1942 Luger Left Top


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