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This is the classic 1906 American Eagle Luger.  From the 100mm barrel chambered for the 9mm cartridge this is a 'must have' for most American Eagle DWM Collectors. These were the first commercially sold 9mm pistols in the US; DWM actually had to make the cartridges in those days. These were the export guns, stamped Germany meant for the American market. (1153)


This is an early 1937 Chamber dated Mauser Code "S/42" Baltic See Nazi Navy. Truly a collector's find! There is the Mauser Code S/42 on the first toggle link with a "V" notch rear sight.  The last two digits of the serial number appear on all the small parts including the thumb safety, all matching numbers  This was still early pre-war and the finish and craftsmanship was outstanding. This is a full rigged Nazi Navy with the date holster, all matching Luger Ost See marked with a loading tool  (1205)

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This Parabellum is 9mm with a 4" (100mm) barrel that is proofed and serial numbered to the gun.  Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen."  This example has all matching numbers.


This is a 1937 Nazi Navy proofed holster that comes with this 1937 Baltic Sea (Ost See) Navy Luger and a period  Belt and proofed Nazi Navy Belt and Buckle.


These Lugers were manufactured by Mauser-Werke in Oberndorf.  The S/42 code was being instituted in 1934-1939. In addition in April 1939 the new style Eagle over the Swastika replaced the former droop-winged eagle army acceptance stamp. The magnificent blue of the gun was achieved by the deep hot salt blue finish.

This is a Dress Brass Nazi Navy Belt Buckle that comes with this 19379 Rig to make a complete gun, holster, belt and buckle. These buckles alone are sold for $400-$600 based on condition due to the scarcity and survivability of the German Navy in WWII. On the left you can see the Naval (Marinen) navy proof on the buckle.

Featuring a 100mm (4" barrel) and without the Mauser manufactured 2mm "hump" at the rear of the frame.  This tells us that in 1937 they were still using up DWM stocks and parts from their merger with BKIW.  This is the classic Model 1934 as manufactured for German Military Acceptance as witnessed by the various Eagle 63 Waffen Amt proofs. This Luger is minty inside and out and is a truly beautiful top rate gun for the collector


The Kriegsmarine was the name of the German Navy between 1935 and 1945, superseding the Reich marine, and the Kaiserliche Marine of World War I. The Kriegsmarine was one of three official branches of the Wehrmacht. The Navy was based from the Northern ports Wilhelmshaven and the Baltic (Ost-East) Sea from Kiel.  The Baltic Sea was used for extensive internal transport and the sea lanes required protection from the Soviet Bolsheviks.


It is entirely subjective to give any Luger a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few Lugers are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.   We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria.

Beautifully detailed and struck, the Eagle 63 on the barrel and all the matching serial numbers.  1937 was still a good year for Mauser, pre-war and uninterrupted production by the craftsman from DWM.. Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.   The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the side of the locking bolt, on the trigger, on the bottom of the barrel, the side plate,  the left side of the receiver, the safety bar, the sear bar, the rear connecting pin, and on the extractor.


The under side of the trigger show all the matching numbers on the bottom of the barrel, the receiver, the side plate and locking lever.  The two magazines show the blued sleeve that Mauser converted to and the matching aluminum bottoms.


Schlachtschiff Bismarck

Der Führer inspecting the Kriegsmarine on board ships.


                              Admiral Graf Spee



The unit markings indicate this Luger was assigned to a vessel in the Baltic Sea.  The North Sea unit markings are usually found on the rear grip strap and magazine the Baltic Sea unit marks are usually found on the inside grip strap and magazine.


The serial numbers match and the barrel displays the gauge markings.  On the magazine the serial number and the E63 proof plus the unit marking for the Ost See (Baltic Sea) division. 

The extractor [GELADEN - Loaded] rises above the breach block to both visually and by feel (in the dark) that the gun is loaded and ready for action. The right side show the various early Eagle 63 proof characteristic of the Mauser along with the drooped winged Alder (Eagle) of the military acceptance stamp both on the frame and barrel. Beginning in 1939 this stamp was changed to the straight wing Alder with the Swastika giving rise to the Nazi marked guns.

The inside of the gun is clean and reflects the effort for cleaning the past 40 years. Lugers that are stored for any period of time should have the wooden grips at least waxed on the inside to protect contact with the metal. The barrel is strong and shiny.  Questions to Josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com 



The grips are serial numbered to the gun as is the rear main axel pin . Note the last two digits of the serial number  (03) on the rear main axel pin.  In 1932 the Reichswehrministerium issued an order that the rear connecting pin be serial numbered to the gun which was required by order in 1933. The belt has a unit acceptance stamp.



Left:  Naval Recruits wear a white bodice and interim hat with the Imperial cockade while having been issued new Parabellums' and leather belts, holsters and buckles.




These are known to collectors as the 1934 Model (the general period when the rework of the DWM/BKIW ended and new production began). These early (pre-war) guns revealed the extra steps of "straw bluing" the trigger, thumb safety, locking lever in the traditional manner. This practice was changed to bluing these parts with the rest of the gun in early 1937.  


The holster is in excellent shape with flexible leather and original white stitching. It has the manufactures mark, the Waffenamt proof and the 1937 date. The stitching is all in white indicating it wasn't dyed or "show polished" [which harms the leather] and is all original.




The is an excellent example of the 1937 Dated Mauser Parabellum built under the pre-war S/42 code and delivered to the Nazi Navy Baltic Sea Unit. Included is the 1937 dated Nazi (Kriegsmarine) Navy Proofed Holster, loading tool, period belt and Nazi Navy Brass Buckle.  Unit marked on the gun for the Baltic Sea; Very, very difficult to find in a complete rig, fantastic deal.  We reserve the right to sell any internet offering to a direct sale and no not warrant the availability of any firearm. This 1937 Baltic Sea Navy Luger is offered, over-the-counter for $0,000.00. Subject to in-house sale, please email for availability. Any questions to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com  .


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