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This is a "1906 Model", 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger) with the "old model" long frame with a Type III thumb safety and a grip squeeze safety.  During the period of the '06 production the safety of commercial models were buffed to a shiny spot and had a slight lip on the edge one could feel with their finger.  The model has the grip safety and the Gesichert under the thumb safety to indicate " safe" when exposed. (1388)



This is a 1906 Model with the squeeze grip safety, the DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken AG) log on the first toggle link and the blank chamber indicates it was a commercial gun made for sale within Germany. This weapon has the no stock lug and clean grips that are original and made of walnut.



Above showing the safety "Gesichert".  This Parabellum is all matching;  the magazine  is correct and does not exhibit any serial number. The extractor is marked Geladen (Loaded) and raised when loaded so you can not only see but feel the extractor in unlighted situations. The Luger is marked in the commercial manner with the five digit serial number on the frame, the bottom of the barrel (horizontally) . Two digit number appear on the breach block, under the toggle and trigger. n



During the US Government testing in 1901 of the 1900 Parabellum the American Eagle was employed as a sales tool and when the second test began in 1907 with the order for another 1000 pistols from DWM and 1000 holsters from the Rock Island Arsenal they all had the American Eagle. It was from the 1905 production that the "American Eagle" commercial guns were drawn for sales in the United Stated.


The Luger is marked in the commercial manner with the five digit serial number on the frame, the bottom of the barrel (horizontally). Two digit number appear on the breach block, under the toggle and trigger. n li


The extractor is marked "Geladen" in German "Loaded" to tell you when there is a round in the chamber. Note there are no proof marks or serial numbers on the side of the gun or "exposed". This made the gun very clean in appearance.

One of the things "known" about Lugers is that international law required guns made for commercial sales must show the country of origin.  Usually this was done on the early Lugers by placing "Germany" on the front of the frame under the serial number.  This is one of the classic Lugers exported by DWM  as a commercial version.



The five digit serial number was a characteristic of DWM during their production years and followed sequentially so that by compilation we can tell the approximate year of production.  This Parabellum was produced in 1905 as an early commercial version without any external proof and all the serial numbers "hidden" [at the bottom of the locking lever and side plate, inside the grip safety,] and on the rear toggle.


In the years that followed the Swiss Cross and American Eagle on the chamber, DWM installed cross rifles on the Russian, crests on the Serbian, Bulgarian, Prussian, Mexican, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian, Venezuelan, Bolivian, Tokyo Electric Co., and  the Spanish Guard just to name a few. Remember this were independent gun makes whose success as was achieved selling their product.


Here is the exposed gun with all the numbers matching, in excellent condition reflecting 100 years of care and demonstrating the elements of craftsmanship that last. All 7.65mm Lugers have have four-groove rifling with a right-hand twist of one turn in 250mm. The inside of this barrel is very strong with still shiny finish.


Holding an early Luger, a timeless representation of a personal level of quality and pride of craftsmanship, brings you back a hundred years to another century of weapons development. This Luger represents a piece of history and a turning point in hand weapons development. 


This is the absolute classic German Model 1906 Luger with the pencil thin barrel and made for the export market in an extraordinary good condition. A transition gun with the long frame, long sear and the printed Gesichert printed on the thumb safety.  A beauty to behold and an advanced collector investment gun in any collection.  This 106 year old Luger is offered for $5,695.00 over-the-counter. 

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