1940 "42" Mauser SS Rig

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a 1940 Manufactured Mauser Code "42" on the first toggle link with a "V" notch rear sight.  This is a very unusual rig, rarely seen on a shoulder holster but containing all the necessary proofs of authentication. This gun is 9mm, all matching, with a matching 2nd magazine and the holster serial numbered to the Luger.  Truly a collector's find!                   (563)


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Featuring a 98mm (4" barrel) and the classic Mauser manufactured "hump" at the rear of the frame this is the classic Model 1934 as manufactured for German Military Acceptance as witnessed by the various Eagle 655 Waffen Amt proofs. The four digit date code represented the peak production year for the Mauser Luger.

Very Clean and all matching the extractor is marked "GELADEN" and the safety is marked "GESICHERT" the German word for safe with the safe being thumb down.  Careful examination of the frame under the left grip at the bottom is a metal stamping of the SS (Schutzstaffel) Runes. (More pictures below).

The bottom of the magazine appears painted.  Whether this was a "field attempt" at camouflage because of the exposure of the shoulder holster or unit requirement.  This Parabellum has the Type III FXO magazines E37 proofed.



The holster presents a unique opportunity to examine a rather undocumented and sometimes denied variation of the Luger Holster.  Bender in his fine book Luger Holsters and Accessories doesn't explore the shoulder holster, however Still in Third Reich Lugers (P88) offers us a picture of one but also the caveat of others who say they don't exist. We can deduct from the color that it must have been worn under the exterior uniform because by 1940 the exterior leather was black. 

Here we see the straight winged Eagle Swastika that matches the gun proofs and dates the holster to the same period as the gun.

A clear sign the holster was inspected and accepted.

Here we see the proof of  the SS Runes in the original configuration.  The Dual Lightening Bolts of the S. S. Schultz Staffel were used by the elite guard of the NSDAP party originally formed to provide protection to Hitler.

Was this provided, as some say, to the motorcycle escorts, of Hitler's Elite Guard? 

A close up at the bottom of the frame of the SS Runes.

In this picture we can see the serial number of the gun and the SS markings. Linking the gun to the holster.

Also proofed on the holster is an unknown (to us) proof(s) that appears to be a diamond with a "U" in the center and framed by decorative curls.  What is seen are three rows of three blocks (that although not centered) might be five columns of blocks. 

We would appreciate anyone recognizing this proof to email us with any information to


One of the joys of collecting Lugers is the mystery that surrounds their past from production to assignment, war time duty and their eventual to the collector.  This rig presents a special look into the history of the gun by it's links to the SS and provides much speculation as to where it served; Hitler's guard, motorcycle escort, special police?  We continue to search for clues?



1940 Production appears to have run from a-n suffix with some found in "Z".  The suffix "e" places this in mid-range of the production run.  The small parts are salt blued which is correct for that period.

The grips and gun are E655 proofed; all correct.



This is an Archived Luger that is sold and is offered for your enjoyment and educational purposes.

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