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This is an immaculate Czech dress officers belt worn from the late 1800's through WWII.  Czech Officer Belt
1904 Model Commercial 4" Fat Barrel Holster.


See Bender

1904 Commercial   SOLD

SUPER FIND German Navy Officer's Sword Belt with the original keepers and sword chain attachments.

Imperial Navy Sword Belt   SOLD

In 1927, the Dutch military resumed contracts with BKIW, formally DWM, for 3820 Model 1911 or M.11 grip safety Lugers for the Dutch East Indies Army, all of which were delivered in 1928. The holsters were made by the Centrale Werkplaats (C.W.) in Batavia (now Djakarta) during the thirties and until 1941. Of those we have seen in the past 35 years they always were stamped with the C.W. markings + year and 'N'. These holster and pouches survived the Japanese occupation of the East Indies and the tropical jungle.  This pouch is offered for $1,695.00 over the counter.

1930 Dutch M11 Pouch 

Abercrombie & Fitch Carbine Carrying Case


SOLD         Carbine Carrying Case


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