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ARTILLERY 200mm (+) Barrel Models    

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1917 Erfurt Luger

1917 Artillery: This is a 1917 chamber dated  Erfurt artillery full rig. All matching with full leather in excellent condition. Stock & two extra magazines match.


1914 Artillery: This is a 1917 chamber dated  DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight. This all matching 1917 was issued toward the end of the war and represented the best of German WWI weapons.  MORE PICTURES   (1304)  SOLD 

1917 Dated 200mm artillery model. Really nice long barrel, all matching including the magazine.


1917 Artillery Full Rig: This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1915 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. This rig comes with a belt holstered rig, cleaning rod, proofed loading tool, field belt buckle and period belt.     (1714)  1915 Artillery Rig    SOLD       

1915 Artillery Full Rig: This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1915 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units. This rig comes with a all matching Parabellum, matching stock, 1915 holstered rig, cleaning rod, loading tool, pouch and 2 extra matching magazines.     (1718)

        MORE PICTURES    (1718)  SOLD

1917 Full Artillery Rig with all matching 1917 Lange Parabellum, matching stock, magazine pouch with two additional matching magazines, proofed cleaning rod and proofed loading tool with a lined attachment cap and all the straps, keepers and studs. This is as good as it gets for a complete rig.  1917 Artillery Rig  (1532)         SOLD

1917/20 Erfurt Artillery: It is known that the Royal Arsenal at Erfurt produced the Lange Pistole only in 1914 but in 1916 they began to machine the mortise for the leaf sight of the artillery into all their frames so they were interchangeable. During a brief period at the end of WWI DWM began building guns for sale and this is one of the 1919 models built from earlier parts.


1935 Mauser "Artillery" Lange Pistole Full Rig: "The Persian"  This is the classic artillery model made for the Shah of Iran in the '30s before war time with a beautiful finish  All the matching brown leather and straps in a 99 year old full rig.




NAVY 150mm Barrel Models

Imperial Navy Models

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