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At Phoenix Investment Arms we offer only the finest premium investment grade German Lugers.

Our clients are investors, collectors, and those who simply want to shoot one of the world's most recognized and coveted hand guns.

We Find Lugers a Good Home

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Lugerpistolenkollektor seit fünfundfünfzig Jahren

All the brands of Lugers are represented, DWM, Erfurt, Simson, Mauser, Krieghoff, Vickers, Swiss, Spandau plus

many holsters, accessories and militaria. Enjoy.



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Visit our Archived Pages to see famous guns we have offered in the past and learn

about what made them the worlds most recognized handgun.


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Any weapon offered on this site or by Phoenix Investment Arms is NEVER test fired nor is there any representation, express or implied that the gun is functional and/or safe to fire.  These weapons are sold as collectibles and only represented as used firearms that must be checked by a competent person, observing all the necessary safety precautions prior to attempting to load and fire any of these weapons. IF YOU ALTER THE FIREARM IN ANY WAY IT IS IMMEDIATELY YOURS.

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