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Notices:  (At the end click your BROWSER Back Button to return to the Luger you were looking at.)

There are some general policies and disclaimers that we subscribe to. 

Investments:  Lugers were produced from 1900 until 1944.  They are a limited and known quantity and their value increases annually based on the model and condition. We are in the business of finding and offering to our clients the best available Lugers for collections and investments. Investigate each weapon thoroughly, while we all have to rely on information provided by others we provide no guarantees on the history of any weapon.

PAYMENTS:  Prices shown on the web site are set at over-the-counter proceeds to the seller. All items sold already include a 3% discount for cash: We accept Cashier's Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks (merchandise held minimum 10 days for check to clear). We also accept Visa, & MasterCard  but 3% will be added to the total charged. We do not accept American Express, Discover or PayPal. Credit card transactions are considered in-store sales and must incur a local sales tax.

Because we mostly sell Lugers you must provide a description of the gun with your proceeds. It is strongly recommended that your payment include the  Item #, your name & address, telephone numbers and E-Mail address, plus a valid FFL, C&R or Driver's License as appropriate for the item purchased.  Winning bidder please email us with payment method and shipping information within 48 hours of auction close. Payment is due within 7 days of auction close.

DISCOUNTS & APPRAISALS:  We travel all over the country to major gun shows and visit collectors to obtain the weapons shown here.  These are not guns purchased 20 years ago and now being sold off one by one where the value has appreciated by time.  They are valued at current market value and contain the hard business costs to present them to you.  Do not be offended when we don't discount a gun to match a deal somebody else made recently with an elderly aunt who was selling off an estate.

FIRING: WE DO NOT TEST THESE WEAPONS NOR ATTEST OR REPRESENT THEIR SAFETY OR ABILITY TO FIRE.  In fact, firing a collector grade weapon denigrates its value.  If you intend to shoot the gun you purchase, AND if you do not have the expertise to determine if it safe to fire, you must consult a qualified gunsmith to inspect the weapon prior to firing it.  WE DO NOT REPRESENT ANY FIREARM AS SAFE TO FIRE.  FIRING ANY WEAPON NEGATES ANY CHANCE OF RETURN!

NOTICE: These weapons are described to the best of our knowledge based on external observation.  We strive to represent the history and information surrounding a model or type to the best of our knowledge and our knowledge is based in a large matter on what we have learned by word of mouth and reading other peoples works.

There are people who dedicate a major portion of their lives studying Lugers and can look at any given part and give you extensive history lessons. We don't pretend to have that expertise and if you are seeking expert opinions then we will direct you to experts.

If your knowledge enables you to identify something that you believe is incorrect then email us so we can correct it. We are not and do not claim infallibility nor do we guarantee the history of weapons since they are the very least 60 yrs old when we get them. 

We strive to provide you with the best pictures and information about a gun so you can make a decision. If you like it, buy it.

3 Day Return Policy

We honor a three day return policy. We will answer any questions, send you any pictures, as detailed as you want, to insure that what we are showing you is what you want to see, before you buy it.  See Legal.

PROVENANCE: We obviously have not owned the gun since the day it was manufactured and cannot account for who owned it and how many times they fired it nor how it got from Germany to here. When we have documentation with a gun that supports its providence we will supply that.

LICENSES:  We only ship to FFL holders.  Either you have a Curio and Relics License (C&R), or an FFL to be able to receive the gun from us.  We cannot ship to a friend of yours that has a C&R because they are not dealers. We can either ship to you with a C&R or to a fully licensed FFL holder. We must have a newly signed copy of  the FFL we are sending to before the gun is shipped.  NO Exceptions.

CREDITS:  The knowledge we have today is gained from the hard work of those who have studied the Luger and been kind enough to record their knowledge and pass it along.  Here is a set of references that we frequently use in presenting our narratives with the guns. (Somewhat in the order of necessity).

Lugers at Random, Kenyon, Still available, the bible of Luger collectors.

World Of Lugers Proof Marks, Costanzo; Out of print but a must have for the serious collector.

The Luger Pistol, Fred Datig.  One of the milestones in documenting the history of the Luger for US consumption. Although a little dated it is still a good read.

Imperial Lugers, Weimar Lugers, Third Reich Lugers, and Axis Pistols, all by Jan C. Still. This is a magnificent series, somewhat difficult to find but still available.

Luger Variations, Jones. Out of Print but still available, good supplement to Kenyon

German Small Arms Markings, Görtz & Bryans. Out of print but still at Gun Shows, Powerful Book with a multitude of facts and unit markings.

The Dutch Luger, Martens & de Vries.  Since the Dutch made so many significant contributions to the development of the Luger this book brings the details to their involvement.

The Krieghoff, Randall Gibson, A must read before you buy your first Krieghoff

Parabellum, A Technical History of Swiss Lugers, Victtorio Bobba. Great Book - tremendous pictures and a dual language (English translation) makes this a primo book for your library.

Luger Holsters & Accessories, Bender.  Still available.  Great cross reference to bring joy to the leather collectors.

Luger: The Multinational Pistol, Kenyon, This is a cocktail table book with great photography and some one-of-one Lugers.

Luger Tips, Reese, Still Available, contains a lot of the contract Lugers and

1900 Luger US Test Trials, Reese, Good book, some more information has come to light but I would still recommend it be in your library.

The Luger Story, Walter. Not a lot of freshly plowed ground here if you have read the above but a good summary.

The P08 Luger Pistol, Martens & de Vries. This is the propaganda photo series of the Luger pistol in WWII.

And when all research fails to provide the answer or explanation we turn to select group of  known high experts in the Luger community, who have studied the Parabellum their whole lives and share this  knowledge and  advice.

 Please read the Legal Notices Regarding the Terms of the sale prior to making a purchase.

Legal Notices


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