Large Cased Erma .22 Cal Conversion Kit  Archived

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a excellent example of the sub-caliber training devise fitted to the Luger so that training was done with 4mm (.22 cal) instead of 9mm.  This kit was made by Erma and presented in a solid wood box cut out for the components.  The kit is Unit Marked for 1st Battalion of the 66th Infantry Regiment (a real hard to get proof).


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The (left) breach assembly for the sub-caliber kit.


See Kenyon's Lugers At Random, Page 382

All the parts are serial numbered and match.

The magazine is also proofed with WaffenAmt proof and serial numbered to the rest of the kit.


This is a complete kit and very hard to find in the large version.


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