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This is a cased commercial 1914 Model, American DWM 8" (200mm) model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. The American Eagle on the Chamber is among the rarest of the Artillery models as this was a post war (1920) model that DWM created by special order for cased sales in the United States. (954)


The Crown N proof  with the Germany export stamp helps this Luger pass any muster. This is a 9mm weapon with all the matching parts marked in the commercial manner (hidden). The barrel is 200mm and it has the adjustable front and leaf site.  The Luger has a hold open and stock attachment.  Below: The case showing the exposed compartments.

This fitted case contains the gun, the cleaning rod, an adjustment tool, pin punch, an empty magazine box and a 2nd magazine with the commercial export marking Germany. The matching stock has been removed to expose the other parts. We can't authenticate the case because these were made by local vendors and there was no set pattern.

Attached is the full stock mounted on the artillery model.  Very rarely do you find a matching stock less one that is commercially marked and serial numbered to the gun.


Below: Sometimes in examination people think the leaf site is bent.  However, when raising the site to the full 800 meter position reveals a 7 left movement.  This design compensates for the rifling on the 200 mm barrel which gives the bullet a twist in flight and if properly adjusted will permit a corrected point of impact.  Another example of Luger engineering.

Above is the adjustable front sight which was deleted after mid-1917 is present on this commercial artillery. In one of the cased compartments is the sight tool which adjusts both the front and the leaf sight. This was designed as a precision weapon and with the extended barrel and 800m rear sight make it formidable.

Within the presentation case is an extra magazine, sight tool, punch tool and loading tool. The stock iron is the two screw variation with the matching serial number.

The serial numbers are marked in the "civilian manner" meaning they are "hidden" on the parts. This Luger has all matching parts. The low 3 digit serial number is consistent with the very few produced by DWM in the early '20s.  The "i" suffix makes it fall with in the Abercrombie & Fitch block of export guns that were manufactured by Berlin Karlsruher Industrie Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BKIW) the successor to DWM.


Commercial Lugers that were made for sale outside Germany were required to be stamped with the country of origin. Above on frame, the bottom of the stock and magazine are the "Germany" stamps.

The Crown N proof is the commercial proof house acceptance proof and is on frame and receiver.  Here you can also see the English "Loaded" on the extractor.

The American Eagle was first used on the 1900 "test" Lugers, then on the commercial models sold in the US market in both the 1900, 1902, 1904, 1906 and then after the Great War on the commercial guns shipped between the wars.

Above: The matching serial numbers.  It is unusual for commercial Parabellums to be marked on the magazine wile all the other serial numbers are "concealed" or marked on the bottom of the gun.  The second magazine is marked in the customary commercial standard.


The original manual also comes with a "wow".  This is not a re-print by Stoeger but one of the originals with all the illustrations and instructions for use.  It also speaks to the official military service in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Portugal.  These books alone are hard fought for by the collectors.

The shipment of live ammunition with a gun was always problematic but in this case there is an original box included for display purposes.  Another difficult find for the collector.

Below: Here are the accessories, all properly marked that come with the gun.  This is a very rare collectors piece offered at an outstanding price to the collector who wants the most completer period American Eagle artillery model we have ever seen or offered.  This is museum quality.


Albert Steinfeld, Tucson's Merchant Prince,

Albert Steinfeld, a native of Germany, having been born in Hanover, December 23, 1854. His education and training were obtained chiefly in the United States, as the family removed to New York City when Albert was but eight years old. He received his education in the public schools and was later employed for two years by a large dry-goods firm. He then came west and located in Denver, where he was employed for a time in the store of an uncle.

During a greater period of the 57 years that he lived in the Old Pueblo, he had been an outstanding factor in the establishment of business organizations of Southern Arizona, both those that have been conducted under Albert Steinfeld and company, and those that his firm has made possible through the financial backing given them. His vast concern, which for years has operated both in the wholesale and retail fields, has been a prominent factor in mining, and has financed commercial enterprise, as well as numerous livestock and agricultural projects.


This cased American Eagle bearing the logo of A. Steinfeld Company has been in the loving care of an outstanding collector in Northern Virginia who was the care take of this beauty for many years.

The frame has the stock lug and the thumb safety. The thumb safety is marked "Safe" and extractor "Loaded".  The barrel is numbered and proofed to the weapon. The inside of the gun is minty clean and well cared for. For additional pictures or questions click josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com


This is a full cased American Eagle 1920 Safe & Loaded, all matching with an original manual, 200mm cleaning rod, 2nd commercial magazine, matching commercial marked stock and sight adjustment tool, pin punch, loading tool and period case in like new original condition. 


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