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8.5x11 Hard Copy - $60.00



If there was anything that you wanted to learn about the Dutch Luger from the initial contract and modifications for the Dutch by DWM, the the saga of Vickers assembling the guns for DWM to circumvent the Treaty of Versailles this book has it all.


There is no better authority on the Dutch Luger than this books that has hundreds of pictures and many technical illustrations. Holster, unit markings, designations and everything to make you a Dutch "expert".


Although the last Dutch Order was never delivered by the invasion of Holland it marked the end of the long history of the Dutch affection for the Luger.

This out of print edition is like new and is offered for $145.00 plus shipping to wherever you are in in the world.

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Ralph Shattuck has collected over 1000s of Lugers and these are the best of the best. From the acknowledged Dean of Lugers you will see both the details of these rare guns and read about their history. This book sells retail for $29.95.  Your price is $20 + $5.00 S&H

Exquisite details and vivid pictures of one of a kind Lugers Details and descriptions of various unique Lugers

Some of the Lugers featured: 1893 Borchardt, 1900 Swiss, 1906 Portuguese Navy, 1900 Portuguese Contract  (1 of 2 Known).

Hiram Maxim's 1902 Presentation Carbine (Wow), 1904 Navy with Stock,  1900 & 1906 Russian. 1918 Spandau plus many more.


Randal Gibson was a beloved Luger enthusiasts and approached his work with precision and determination to make the best reference book on the H. Krieghoff there as and succeeded.  The books is full of illustrations and explanations of he evolution of the logo, magazine usage and development, the contract guns, the "P" Codes and more about the Krieghoff than they probably knew.


World renowned his volume has stood the test of time and hasn't needed errata sheets published before the book hit the collectors. 


This is a must have for the Krieghoff Collector of a out-of-print book that is the last one we have left.

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