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SHIPPING TO LICENSED DEALERS:  Due to State and Local Laws, as a Federally Licensed dealer we must ship to a licensed dealer or to someone who has a Curios and Relics (C&R) License.  We will help you locate a licensed dealer in your area.  Usually a gun shop or a pawn shop or anyone who sells firearms is licensed to receive them.  All we need is a current copy of their license (this is common practice), mailed to us.  We will send them the firearm and they will in-turn give it to you.  Usually there is a minor charge for handling but depending on your relationship with that dealer some gun shops do this as a courtesy.  Just ask us if you need help in this department.

LAYAWAYS:   We provide for layaways for purchases over $1,000.00.  There are some basic requirements:

     a. There must be a minimum down payment of 20%. Layaways constitute a sale and we require your permit to log in our register.

     b. There must be activity every month.  Within every 30 day period we expect to receive something towards your purchase.  If you go forty-five days with no activity we will mail one notice during the entire period of the layaway to remind you.

     c. The payments must be in a manner that will provide an orderly payoff by the end of 6 months for a sales price $3,000 per gun or less and 12 months for a sales price $3,001 per gun or more. (I.E., payments cannot be rear-ended, all due on the 6th or 12th month.

     d. You can convert a layaway to a consignment sale at anytime.  This does not negate the continuation of payments. 

     e. Failure to make monthly payments for three successive months, or failure to complete the payments within the prescribed period, or failure to respond to notice, or make a declaration of non-intent to continue the purchase constitutes a constructive cancellation of the layaway.  Layaways so cancelled within the first two months (2 calendar months from the date of first receipt of payment) forfeits 33% and 100% after that.  Layaways that are cancelled are returned to stock and re-instatement of a layaway is at the discretion of Phoenix Investment Arms.

     f. Guns placed in layaway are considered sold and do not qualify for the three day return policy. 

     g. Any other arrangements must be in writing.

THREE DAY RETURN: We honor a three calendar day return policy for guns that have been inadvertently misrepresented. We want you happy with the Luger and if you have any misgivings prior to the order that is the time to express them. We do not ship guns for you to make a buying decision; study the gun, get the pictures, ask any questions and know what you want before you order a gun.  Beyond three calendar days of receipt the gun it is yours and not subject to return.

     Lately people have been taking advantage of the inspection period to remove parts or exchange parts and then attempt to return the gun because "it isn't what they thought it was".  What we can't accommodate is sending very expensive weapons around the world for people to play with, take pictures of, shoot or practice disassembling under the guise of wanting to purchase.

     A few rules we require (Condition of Sale):

     The three day period starts when you (or your agent) receive the gun. Don't tell us your neighbor signed for the gun and you just got back from a hunting trip and this was your first chance to look at it.  If you live in a jurisdiction that requires a waiting period it will be your responsibility to inspect the gun at your dealers during this three day period to insure it represents what you ordered.

     If you get a gun and you don't believe it was the one that you saw in the pictures or was described to you then you need to call immediately. Don't wait three days and tell us we sent you the wrong gun.  Beyond three days the item is yours and not subject to return.

     Do not return a gun without an authorization number. We will refuse delivery of any weapons that does not have a return authorization number and we will not return any money if the gun has been tampered with, parts removed or exchanged or fired.

     Except for warranty of title, all items are sold "as is". We do not make any warranties, guarantees, or representations, express or implied, with respect to the individual items, including but not necessarily limited to, any implied warranty of "fitness of for purpose" or "merchantability".

     Price is not a disqualifier. We don't accept guns back because a friend appraised the gun and he said he could get you another one just like it cheaper. You agree to the price when you buy it.       

    Opinions of friends or others unless a known Parabellum dealer is not a disqualifier. Known Parabellum dealer is defined as someone who is published in the field or is referenced by a known auction house.  In the event of a dispute, seller reserves the right to get a third opinion from a known dealer.

    We seek to provide you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. We will provide extra pictures, close ups, or answer any question you might have within our ability to answer. Changing your mind does not reverse a sale; we need some substantial grounds indicating the gun was not properly represented. We can't tell you who owned the gun or where he got it unless the previous owner permits that.

     After three (3) days upon receipt if you desire to return the firearm for any reason we will take the gun on consignment and charge 15% payable upon receipt of the new buyers payment in the amount due to the original buyer.

     Remember, the Parabellum (Luger) stopped production in 1944; Imperial Lugers are at least 93 years old and have been to war at least once.  1906 Models are at least 105 yrs old and are sold as relics and curios.  These are not out-of-the-box new guns; therefore do not expect an unblemished gun. If you find one side of the gun, not shown in the pictures, is pitted or rusted that is an returnable item. If you cite a worn grip, that is shown in the pictures that is not a returnable item.

     We want satisfied customers; we have people that have relied on us for years to find them special guns for their collections.  We strive to provide a service, finding Lugers a Good Home.  If you will work with us we will work for you.

Disclaimer of Warranties:  Any and all statements and descriptions either written or elsewhere by us, relating to age, attribution, authenticity, size, genuineness,  provenance, historical relevance or significance, physical condition, importance, quality, quantity, rarity, period, culture, source or origin are presented as qualified opinion only. Our representations are based on visual  examination of the item only and do not represent any forensic or intrusive examination beyond visual.  Buyers assume the responsibility to inspect the items offered and make their own decision as to the nature, quality, representation, and value of their purchase. 

RETURN FEE: Within the three-day designated return period: Unless the  weapon is substantially different from as it is depicted in the pictures or described in the text there will be a 20% handling fee for re-logging and re-stocking if brought  to our attention during the three (3) day return policy.  There is a 15% restocking fee for non-gun returns. You must pay return postage, we do not accept COD for returns.


Any weapon offered on this site or by Phoenix Investment Arms is NEVER test fired nor is there any representation the gun is functional and safe to fire.  These Lugers are sold for collectors and only represented as used firearms that must be checked by a competent person, observing all the necessary safety precautions prior to attempting to load and fire one of these weapons.



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