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1910 DWM: Pre-WWI, 1st year to be numbered over the chamber this is a gem in superfined condition and brings the WWI collector a 110 year old minty early German military Luger.

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1914 Erfurt Luger 1914 Royal Arsenal at Erfurt: This is a very rare early Parabellum by Erfurt. Highly polished under a minty bluing done before war-time production produced a faster made gun. Click on More Pictures for story.More Pictures(1948)    SOLD
Stoeger Luger Rig

1929 Three Line Stoeger American Eagle: This is a jewel with all the accessories in a civilian holster and an all-matching gun that is cherry like in appearance. This beauty is a hard to find and just released from a premium collection.  Call for details.

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1922 Dutch Luger

1922 VICKERS 9mm Dutch Contract: Ordered in 1909 and delivered after WWI DWM was forbidden to produce 9mm weapons so the contract for only 6000 guns was given to the British to build and proof. Amazing pieces of history. These were shipped to the East Indies and few survived the war being over run by Japan and most captured. Click on More Pictures More Pictures(2173)    New

1935 Persian 1935 Persian Artillery Full Rig:  Mauser made two artillery model in 1934-35 for a contract to Iran (Persia) and Siam in very limited numbers. Here is the complete rig with all-matching Farsi lettered Parabellum, a holster and matching stock, straps, studs with a cleaning rod, loading tool & a two magazine pouch.  More Pictures(1928)    New
1917 Erfurt Artillery
1917 Erfurt Artillery Full Rig:  Very hard to find except in old collections a complete 'artillery' rig. All matching 1917 Royal Arsenal Erfurt artillery Luger with leaf sight and (3) matching magazine plus pouch, leather straps & keepers, cleaning road and proofed loading tool. Seldom does one find a complete Erfurt.
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1936 "S" Dated Krieghoff:  Three digit serial number on a 9mm first in the series of contract guns made for the Luftwaffe by Krieghoff.  These were made in the commercial method before the war with a high polish and deep blue.  Fine diamond grips and in magnificet condition.   See more pictures for the portfolio on this fine pistol.


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1939 Mauser Banner "Police" This is a minty early Mauser Banner Police gun made from civilian stocks of Parabellum with the deep Mauser pre-war blue. All matching w/Eagle L tool and holster.

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1923 Stoeger 6" Commercial - This is a 9mm built after WWI in the early contract years with an "ï" suffix amongst the early Krieghoff and A&F contract guns. More Pictures    ( 2068)    New SOLD

1918 DWM Post War 9mm - This is a 1918 Dated DWM (Deutsches Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken Co) Manufactured Pistole-08. The chamber marking represent the military contract year of production yet it appears to be amonth the end of recorded series as a last gun produced at the end of WWI.

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1922 DWM Safe & Loaded- This is a 1922 undated model DWM (Deutsches Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken Co) Manufactured Pistole-08. This was a commercial five digit serial numbered Luger for export to the US in 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger).  English markings on the gun.

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1930 Simson
"1930 Simson & Suhl" Between the World Wars only Simson was permitted to build Lugers for the German Army. These rare Lugers were commercial quality and this is a all-matching rig with a Parabellum with two matching magazine, proofed loading tool and a Weimar holster. Just minty.
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1915/1920 Double Date Unit Marked Police Rig: This gun speaks history with WWI Proofs and all matching gun & holster and unit marked to the Nazi Police era.

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1906 "Russian" The crown jewel of anyones squeeze grip collection the ultra rare "Russian" with the chamber marked crossed rifles and old Russian alphabet markings.  A must see & a must have for the rare gun collector. Click below on More Pictures.More Pictures   ( 2153)  New

1900 American Eagle "Fat Barrel
Prototype "GL"

1902 Prototype "GL" Fat Barrel: This is truly a 1 of 1, Fat Barrel, "B" Suffix, 7.65mm. 10,000 serial number, American Eagle and topped with the "GL".

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1941 Black Widow

1941 Mauser Code 42 Black Widow: This is the highly sought after 41-42 Black Widow. A change launched at the end of the Code 42  period produced 700 of these Code 42 before the byf code Black Widows. Not only very hard to find but also in minty condition with two magazines, a proofed loading tool and 1941 dated holster. See More Pictures.

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1917 Navy Luger
1917 Imperial Navy Luger: This is a real gem for the WWI Navy collector with a very clean all matching Parabellum, a Navy Holster and a period cleaning rod. The last of the Navy's produced before the end of the war when the fleet was bottled by the British it has avoided the salty seas. See More Pictures.More Pictures  (2045)     New

1911 Imperial Military: This is a beautiful 1911 and unit marked for the 5th Division. All matching and with the deep pre-war blue this is comparable to the commercial guns being produced during that era. A jewel in anyone's collection.  (2061) 


1900 King Carlos I: This is a one of 30 (1/30) test guns sent by DWM to Portugual in 1906 for the army to test. Beautifully struck initals of the King and the gun passed the tests. See More Pictures to learn the story. More Pictures (2145)  New

1935 Mauser G-Date Police Rig: 1/600 reported built with early proofs, All-Matching, 2 matching magazines, proofed loading tool and Police Proofed 1935 police holster. This is a beauty for the police collector or if you want only one G-Date to represent your collection.

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1920' 200mm (Artillery Barrel) American Eagle, factory made "salesman's" sample, one of three known,  Click More Pictures for full photo display.NewMore Pictures(   2127)

1906 French Contract:New This is a 1903 French Commercial Parabellum from made by the DWM factory in Berlin which is displayed on the first toggle link. The extractor identifies this gun as a "French" contract gun with the "Chargé" on the extractor. There is also the distributors French address on the barrel.     More Pictures(   2143)New

1906 Swiss

1906 Swiss Shield & Cross: This is a 1906 Model Swiss Contract manufactured by DWM. In 1909 the Swiss Federation changed their logo (heraldry) and the weapons they had ordered were now required to be switched to the Shield and Cross.More Pictures      (2142)       New

1900 Swiss Commercial: This is the classic 7.65mm Luger with the old frame, 120mm pencil barrel, long sear, steel spring flat extractor and dished toggles to name a few of the characteristics of the early 1900 Luger.

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1935 "G-Date" Police Rig: One of the early police rigs from 1935 when they were coded "G" date to confuse the Allies. One of only 600 made in the G-Date series in the e & f suffix. A super collectors gun.

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1917 Erfurt Imperial
1917 Royal Arsenal at Erfurt: 9mm  WWI very coveted Luger with the Crown Erfurt Proofs. Erfurts are collector's dream with the many proofs through out the gun. See more at:
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1913 DWM

1913 DWM Military: Pre-WWI made gun for the German military. All matching and just minity in appearance this is one of the favorates of the WWI collectors.

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 1900 American Eagle Luger

1900 American Eagle: This is the classic 1900 that began the entire Luger Legacy. Flat top, long frame, pencil barrel and the deep American Eagle from the US Great Seal.

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1925 Simson Full Rig: Wow! An all matching 1925 Simson with two matching magazines and a period holster matched to the gun and a proofed loading tool  This is a beauty.

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 1902 American Eagle Luger

1902 DWM American Eagle "Fat Barrel": This is 9mm Luger, the first commercially available 9mm semi-automatic model in the world. Developed for the 9mmx19mm round we use today this was Georg Luger's genius at work.

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1902 American Eagle 9mm Fat Barrel  Upon Georg Luger's return from the first US Test Trials he invented the 9x9mm we use to this day. Read more, click More Pictures

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