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Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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1918Erfurt Police

1918 Dated Erfurt (end of war) & brought in service by Simson, (plethora of Eagle 6 Proof). Sear Safety, converted "artillery holster" with a cleaning rod &loading tool.

This is just a super gun with tiny proofs everywhere. A must have for the Erfurt or Police collector. Click on "More Pictures" to see the pictorial of the gun & history.

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1928 Simson Luger

1928 Simson: Early Simson production gun made for the Weimar Republic. All Matching. all proofed ,this gun is truly representative of the finest military arm of the day. 9mm with the 100mm barrel, thumb safe, auto hold open after last shot, magazine push button ejection, pioneer steps in the evolotion of the semi-matic hand gun, See more pictures at button:

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1906 Swiss Military manufactured by the Swiss in Bern Switzerland. This is a 7.65mm caliber with a 120mm (4 3/4") barrel. All matching gun is proofed with the Swiss Cross and Colonel Mühlemann.  The grips are distinctive of the early production models and make this a very handsome model for the collector. More Pictures New (1923)
1920' 200mm (Artillery Barrel) American Eagle, factory made "salesman's" sample, one of three known,  Click More Pictures for full photo display.NewMore Pictures    (2127)
1939 SS Mauser

1939 Mauser Code 42 unit marked to the 3rd SS Panzer Division. This Luger is numbered to the holster that has the flap stamped with the 3rd SS Panzer Totenkopf and theinside stamped with the SS Runes. The gun is all mattching with E655 proofs on the gun & loading tool, 2 matching magazines. This is a jewel.

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1932 Simson

1932 Simson & Suhl There are only 12,000 Simpson Lugers made from the 1925 contract and the ascension of Der Fuehrer & Mauser took over production in 1934. This is a minty clean gun, all matching and with proofs galore. Click on more pictures to find the full set the photograph

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1906 Swiss
1906 Model Swiss Bern: Producted under license from DWM the Swiss manufactured the Parabellum during WWI because the war demand on German manufacturing overcame its commercial business. Simply a beautiful reprsentation of the '06 Model and made until 1924 in this configuration.  This is a Swiss Military Model that had been released from service before the "P" [Privat] stamping on the frame.
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1925 Simson Full Rig: Wow! An all matching 1925 Simson with two matching magazines and a period holster matched to the gun and a proofed loading tool  This is a beauty.

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1906 American Eagle Luger

1906 American Eagle: The classic 1906 American Eagle Luger.  From the 120mm barrel chambered for the 7.65mm cartridge this is a 'must have' for most American Eagle DWM Collectors. These were the first commercially sold in the US;

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1944 Krieghoff
1944 Krieghoff: This was one of the very end of the war Luger's produced by Krieghoff from parts left from the 10,000 gun initial order of 1935. True to all the traditions of the Krieghoff Parabellum with proofs and markingss. Just a joy for the advanced collector.
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This is a 2nd Issue RLB (Luftschutz) dagger in complete and in minty condition for the collector. Very Rare Click Below for Photos & Details. (AC401) New

1938 Luftshutz Leader Dagger 

1917 Erfurt Imperial
1917 Royal Arsenal at Erfurt: 9mm  WWI very coveted Luger with the Crown Erfurt Proofs. Erfurts are collector's dream with the many proofs through out the gun. See more at:
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1922 Dutch Luger
1922 VICKERS 9mm Dutch Contract: Ordered in 1909 and delivered after WWI. DWM was forbidden to produce 9mm weapon,s so the contract for only 6000 guns was given to the British to build and proof. Amazing pieces of history. These were shipped to the East Indies and few survived the war being over run by Japan and most captured. Click on More Pictures More Pictures(2173)   
1902 Cartridge Counter

1902 DWM American Cartridge Counter: From the group of 700 American Eagle 9mm Fat Barrels selected by the US Army for testing only fifty were sent back to German for the modifications for the Powell Cartridge Counter Grips. Mostly resurfacing as presentation guns.  See more at:

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Abercrombie & Fitch Marked Artillery Stock. 

A&F Artillery Stock   


These Posters were printed and distributed in the 1960's to military units for the day room or offices and are in fine to very fine condition.  Click on Picture to see enlarged size.  Only $12.95 including postage. Let the litle fellow be a man - Soldiers are always good heros.


This is a detachable flash suppressor designed for the Parabellum in both 9mm and 7.65mm. Designed by the Swiss and shown in the Still's Third Reich Lugers Page 175

Flash Suppressor Click on Button to See Picture Layout.  See Accessories Accessories


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