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This is a 1915 Dated Military model Parabellum in 9mm made by DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) with a 4" (100mm) barrel and extensively proofed.  It is a "double date" from the 1920 confiscation law and has been re-worked at the factory at least twice and  is unit marked to the Schutzpolizei, Mersberg, First Centurion weapon #789 .  This Luger is all matching, including the magazines and  1915 dated holster.    (2182)

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On November 11, at 11;00 am the Armistice was signed by the Central and Allied Powers. The terms were extremely punitive on the German with Article 2 stating:

(With in 6 hours of signing) Immediate clearing of Belgium, France, Alsace-Lorraine, to be concluded within 14 days. Any troops remaining in these areas to be interned or taken as prisoners of war.

This was not a surrender or a demobilization but simply the escape from the occupied territories of German troops on foot, horseback, lorries, trains and whatever transportation they could utilize. So the Army went home to a publically unprotected nation under the thumb of the occupying Allies.  With these former soldiers came the weapons they could carry.


The barrel length is 4" (100mm) and is chambered for 9mm.  The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the left side of the receiver, under the barrel and the last two digits on most small parts. All serials match including the magazines which are correct with all proofs.

This weapon has the stock lug and clean walnut grips. The extractor is marked "Geladen" on the left side and the safety is marked "Gesichert" with the safe position being downward.  The gun is very clean showing slight  wear on the muzzle, the side plate and front part of rails. The grips are checkered walnut and are tight to the gun.

This is an all matching gun with the serial number and gauge markings on the barrel and the "b" suffix on the receiver.  The "b" suffix tells us this was 13702 Parabellum in the production in the 1915 year reflecting the quality and finish reflects the craftsmanship of  the DWM machinists. Questions to Josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com  Below: The right side displays the Imperial inspection stamps and the the 4th stamp is that of the Imperial Army Acceptance stamp.


The new (Weimar) German Government after WWI found itself with an armed citizenry with all the soldier bringing their weapons home from the war.

On August 2st, 1920 the German authorities issued an order from Berlin that cited the impending disarming of the people and required that all weapons of the armed forces were to be marked with the dated to prevent the people from stealing military supplies and selling them back to the government.

On August 7th, 1920 rewards were begun for the turn-in of weapons to the government paying 100 Marks (then about $23.50) for a small arm until October 10th after which the reward was to be reduced to 50 Marks. Thus began the disarming of the citizenry; a lesson that should not be lost on free people.

Poster Announcing the Surrender of Weapons

Then on August 7th, 1920 the Disarming-of-the-People Law set forth a reward of 100 Marks, (then about $23.50), were given for small arms until October 10th at which time the award was reduced to 50 Marks. Thus began the disarming of the German people, paving the way for seizing all the private weapons. This is a lesson for all of us when there is talk of surrendering your firearms..


Here you can see the inside of the gun is clean and the magazine well is the correct salt-blued style for the 1920's when it was re-issued.  The rear connecting pin was numbered after 1932 when the general order was issued by the Army War Administration on March 17, 1932.This barrel shows distinctive lands and grooves and is still shiny.

THE STORY OF THE PROOFS - Most Lugers tell you where they have been and when.  This Luger appears to have been originally issued as a military 1915, brought back at the end of the war and re-barreled and refitted and then later brought back for marking the rear main axel connecting pin sometime after 1932 and before 1937.

Here is the close up of the proofs and serial numbers on both sides of the gun.  This is a beautiful double date that has served in at least three Reichs', the First Imperial, the 2nd Reich (The Weimar Republic) and captured in the 3rd Reich of the Nazi's.  It is unusual to have a police marked Luger without the sear safety suggesting it was probably issued to a special unit, perhaps the Gestapo which was more a military unit.


“Secret State Police” (Geheime Staats Polizei) Political police of Nazi Germany. It was created by Hermann Goring in 1933 from the political and espionage units of the Prussian police and by Heinrich Himmler from the police of the remaining German states. Himmler was given command in 1934. The Gestapo operated without civil restraints, and its actions were not subject to judicial appeal. Thousands of Jews, leftists, intellectuals, trade unionists, political clergy, and homosexuals disappeared into concentration camps after being arrested by the Gestapo. In World War II the Gestapo suppressed partisan activities in the occupied territories.

Here is the manufacturers cartouche for the holster maker and the 1915 date. This is the original date of the gun making this a matched set.  While some of the leather has aged and shows signs of cracking we have treated the holster and leather parts with Black Rock a lanolin based penetrating and leather restoration product and with minimal care this holster will be serviceable for another 97 years.
This picture depicts the minty 1915 Imperial Luger with all the proofs, two matching magazines and on the front grip the unit marking of the Schutzpolizei, Mersberg
The unit markings assign this gun to the Schutzpolizei, Mersberg, First Centurion weapon #789. Mersberg was a suburb of Berlin. Although the Luger does not have a Sear Safety it was issued to the police and represents a re-issue Double Date Police Rig.
This Luger has been cared for over 72 years now. It is looking for a good home.  In 1932 the Reichswehrministerium issued an order that the rear connecting pin be serial numbered to the gun. 


Reichsmarschall, Hermann Wilhelm Göring in  early March 1933 was named Interior Minister of Prussia. giving him command of the largest police force in Germany. Soon Göring detached the political and intelligence sections from the police and filled their ranks with Nazis. On 26 April 1933, Göring merged the two units as the Gestapo.

The police were divided into the Ordnungspolizei (Orpo or regular police) and the Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo or security police), which had been established in June 1936.The Orpo assumed duties of regular uniformed law enforcement while the SiPo consisted of the secret state police (Geheime Staatspolizei or Gestapo) and criminal investigation police (Kriminalpolizei or Kripo). The Kriminalpolizei was a corps of professional detectives involved in fighting crime and the task of the Gestapo was combating espionage and political dissent. On 27 September 1939, the SS security service, the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) and the SiPo were folded into the Reich Main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt or RSHA).

The Ordnungspolizei were instrumental in the forced relocation of the foreigners & gypsies from "German" land just as the Germans were forced marched from their homes in Danzig and the "Polish Corridor" in  the German State of Prussia after the war to preserve the ethnic identity of Poland.


Everyone needs one DWM double-date in their collection just to study proof marks.  This is a basic collectors gun that has all the study proofs you could ask for. Not only does one get a an all original 1915 Imperial all matching Luger with two matching magazines, but it is a well struck Double-Date with a 1915 original holster & loading tool that was re-issued to the Schuzpolizei outside Berlin.  Any extra pictures to assist in your purchase please notify josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com This Parabellum is offered, based on in-store sale availability, for $4,295.00 over the counter.

aWe reserve the right to sell any internet offering to a direct sale and do not warrant the availability of any firearm that does not have a physical deposit. This gun may be withdrawn without notice for in-store sale. Call for availability.


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