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Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a excellent example of the 1902 Model DWM (Deutsches Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken Co) sporting carbine. These were a limited manufacture for the "light rifle market". The barrel is 300mm long with a ramp front sight and came in the 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger).  These guns utilized the "long" frame and sear of the early models along with the characteristic dished toggles. (1007)


This Parabellum is 7.65mm which was the preferred caliber for accuracy both in Europe and South America. Serial number placement is in the commercial ("hidden") style. The thumb safety is buffed. The last two digits appear on the takedown lever, the trigger, the bottom of the side plate, the rear toggle, under the front toggle, the breach block, the receiver, and the front stock.  The rear toggle is smooth without any sight definition utilizing the graduated four position rear sight in front of the chamber.


The DWM monogram markings appear on the 1st toggle link and the extractor is the original design "leaf" type which was soon redesigned to increase its strength. Original grips are finely cut diamond shaped checkering made from walnut or in some cases beech wood.










In the forearm is a spring loaded actuator that when depressed during recoil assists in pushing the receiver back in battery.  The front stock is serial numbered to the gun with the last three digits (459) in the attachment well. This example has all matching numbers. 



The Serial Number appears on the barrel, the stop lug, on the side of the breach block, inside the 1st toggle and on the back of the rear toggle. Then again on the forearm bar on the frame, the bottom of the locking lug, the trigger, the grip safety and on the bottom of the thumb safety.






This example has all matching numbers. Here you can see the double placement of the serial number on the forearm. The full serial number is at the bottom of the barrel, and on the frame extension (forearm  attachment.  The toggle assembly is the old type (dished) with the toggle lock on the right side.  The frame has a stock lug, and the toggle is marked with DWM, the manufacturer.


Above: Here we can see the adjustable sight located on the barrel in front of the chamber. It has three stop adjustments at 100, 200 and 300 meters.  From our firing experience in the past these guns were very accurate.



The inside of this Luger shows it was well cared for over the last 106 years and is looking for another custodian to care for its future.  The DWM carbine was presented to Kaiser Wilhelm and President Teddy Roosevelt who are stated to used the gun in horseback hunting.




The finely checkered grips and matching stock reflects an old era of craftsmanship that we can only admire today.  Most carbines were kept in friendly environments and well cared for preserving them for our enjoyment.



It is entirely subjective to give any Luger a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few Lugers are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.   We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria.


The truly endless craftsmanship of Luger Carbine makes this gun a must have for the serious Luger collector.  This is a beautiful example with all matching numbers and in magnificent shape. Prior to WWI the DWM Luger production for the commercial market peaked. 

This carbine is offered over the counter for $18,495.00 subject to prior in store sale to the collector of very fine investment grade weapons.

The greatest client was the United States and then South America.  The demand was sufficient in 1902 for the publication of the Spanish language version of the instruction manual. Argentina perhaps had the greatest demand for the Luger and for the 7.65mm ammunition. Any questions or requests to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com