1934 Turkish Police Contract Mauser 

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a 1934 model Mauser Parabellum build as a contract gun by Mauser for the Turkish Security Police.  These are very rare to find as they are seldom released from service. The first toggle link is marked with the  Mauser Banner logo indicating a commercial contract gun. The Parabellum comes with a original holster, two matching magazine and a loading tool. There are no import marks indicating this was probably a security gun for embassy personnel that brought them into the US.    (1447)


This is a Mauser 9mm Parabellum produced between 1934-1936 in very small lots to fill or obtain a Turkish contract for the Luger. This is a police model from the inscription on the right side. These models are extremely rare, never having been released by the Turkish Government. Some 'experts' have deemed the Turkish Luger as a fake, others as I, have seen the documentation and  the guns  to prove they exist.


This piece is a 4  inch (100 mm) barrel, 9 mm Parabellum.   The front sight is serrated and there is the "V" rear sight on the rear toggle link with the last two digits of the serial number appearing on the rear toggle. This model has a hold open latch customary for this model and the stock lug.

Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.   The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the side of the locking bolt, on the trigger, on the bottom of the barrel, the side plate,  the left side of the receiver, the firing pin,  the rear connecting pin, and on the extractor. This is unusual since Banners were commercial models and usually had the number hidden.

This Luger represents one of the Security Police variations. The Emniyet Işleri Umum Müdürlüğü translates into Security Police Headquarters. The all matching serial numbers, including the magazine is a low three digit number and probably either a sample or among the first of  the contract Lugers produced by Mauser for Turkey.


In the Mid-1930's (after 1934 by the Crown U proof), Turkey acquired approximately 1025 specifically marked Lugers from Mauser for it's police, Army and Air Force. While Turkey was an ally of Germany in WWI it remained neutral during WWII but continued to have close ties with Germany and was an active trader with the Axis nations. See Jan Still Third Reich Lugers P 190.

The gun offered is the thoroughbred of the Turkish Models, the Security Police Variation. It is spoken to be the oldest and perhaps a contract gun with the accents in the script and the early Mauser proofs.


The TC found over the chamber.  The TC represents "Turkiye Cümhüriyeti" or Republic of Turkey.

The three variations of the Turkish Luger known are the Security Police Model (of which this offered pistol is shown) with an estimated production of 750, the Turkish Army Model with an estimated production of 250, and a Turkish Air Force Model which were reported to be supplied with 25 Focke- Wulf fighter planes supplied by Germany in 1941.

The Droop Winged Eagle 63 which is the same proof found on the 1934 "G" Date Mauser. Proofs are like time stamps that place the gun in production years. This are few (perhaps serven)  known Turkish Lugers in the U.S.  This variation is  identified by Kenyon in Lugers at Random, .Page 252  If you are a one-of-one collector then this is one for your collection.


The Turkish Army variation (those identified) do not have the 'emniyet' safety and 'akes' extractor. There are known to be at least two Turkish Army models that appear to be 1936 marked Mauser Banners with Gesichert safety and Geladen extractors with the with the TC Turkish National Crest with a 1/2 Moon & Star on the right receiver and 'Subaylara mahsustur', which is translated into "for Army Officers Use". Estimated 250 produced.


Only seven Turkish Lugers are "known" by collectors. These have been examined and verified.  Once accepted for service by the Turkish Government they have never been released to individuals or for sale. This  very rare rig is composed with an actual original holster, two matching magazines, a proofed loading tool and a minty Turkish Police Parabellum.


The Turkish Air Army variation are said to number 25 and were delivered with 25 Focke- Wulf Fw 190d fighter plans from Germany. This 'known'  variation has  the 'emniyet' safety and 'akes' extractor and the intertwined TC over the chamber. In addition, over the chamber is the Turkish half moon national symbol.  On the right of the receiver appears 'Hava ordusuna mahsustur' which translates to "for Air Army Use".  So, keep your eyes out for any Luger marked TC.



The inside of the gun is clean with no evidence or pitting or rust. It has been cared for many years.  This gun is an exceptional Luger by any standard being in such good shape.

The Extractor  is marked "akes" indicating loaded when in the above position. With a bullet in the chamber the extractor raised and the shooter can feel it in the dark and see it in the light. The Crown U (Mauser) proofs begun on the 1934 model commercial and contract proofs. These proofs are located on the left of the receiver, the barrel and on the left of the breech block.

The Turkish word for safe with the straw blued thumb safety. The safe position is down. The loading tool is proofed with the droop eagle 63.

The right and left proofs are deeply set and make this gun a representative study of the Turkish Parabellum.


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This is one of the finest examples of a 1934 Mauser Banner Turkish Security Police Issue Luger with matching parts, matching magazine, in excellent condition.

This is a very rare and hard to obtain variation of the early Mauser contract guns. These are well documented in various books and writings. Requests for additional pictures or information email