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This is a 1935 Pistole 08 military gun manufactured by Mauser, under the secret date code of "G". This piece is a 4 inch (100 mm) 9mm Parabellum.  To conceal production a series of alphabetical dates were assigned in addition to the code on the toggle S/42 (Mauser).  ''G" dates are representative of the Luger produced in 1935. (1638)


NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.


This Parabellum is 9mm police gun in a 100mm barrel length with all matching serial numbers to include matching, original grips. Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style. The thumb safety is marked 'Gesichert' and safe is down and the extractor "Geladen" (Loaded).  The barrel is numbered and proofed and matches the frame.  The bore is good with distinctive lands and groove.  The thumb safety is new style, and blued. Over the sear above the side plate is the sear safety that designates this gun a police mode.

The barrel is 4" (100mm) and the rear sight is "V" cut fixed and front dovetailed sight with the frame having the stock lug. Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style; displayed on the left side of the receiver, the side plate, the locking bolt, the sear bar safety, the extractor, the forward toggle link, the front of the frame, under the barrel, and on the side of the trigger. Original grips are finely cut diamond shaped checkering made from walnut or in some cases beech wood.  See Kenyon, Lugers At Random, Page 264

The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the left side of the receiver, under the barrel and the last two digits on most small parts. All serials match including the two magazine from two different eras. The firing pin is original and serial numbered to the gun. Both magazines are the silver sleeve used by DWM and are proofed with the W154.  Proof marks are well struck and clearly visible.



The secret date code for 1935 was the "G" and was applied to the chamber of the Mauser Military Code S/42 Lugers manufactured in 1935.  About 700 in the d, e, and f serial range were procured by the Kriegsmarine and only 600 of the total estimated production of 54,090 were issued to the Police with sear and magazine safeties.  Approximately May of 1937 the police directed that all magazine safeties were to be rendered inoperable.  These guns were issued with the early police magazines in the chromium plated extruded case.


This holster is in very good condition condition with the leather soft and pliable.  All the stitching is intact and leather parts are functional. Finding a G-Date holster is the lifelong quest of many a collector.

Inside this holster, originally brown and then dyed black (see stitching), is an SS stamp with the eagle and the runes of the SS. This holster was property of an SS soldier at one point during its life.

The holster appears to be an originally a brown holster that was died when the change of uniform was ordered in 1934 and only the SA had the brown holsters. It is proofed with the WaffenAmt used in these early holsters.
These are the two matching magazines from this rig.  It is very difficult to find a rig with all matching numbers and magazines. ABOVE RIGHT: The proofed loading tool is G-Date proofed with an W][154 one of the first proofs used at Mauser and from the end of the K-Date's

The rear of the holster is marked with the manufacturer's cartouche, with the 1935 date, and usually appears as part of the manufacturers cartouche.  The large wing eagle Waffen Amt appears as the acceptance stamp on the back of the holster.  Below: Open Holster showing the 2nd matching magazine, the loading tool, and holster.

This Luger has been well cared for over the years and properly stored in a private collection. This Lugers has the shortened sear, enabling the gun to be cocked while still in the safe position.  This feature was adopted in 1916. Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style; displayed on the left side of the receiver, the side plate, the locking bolt, the sear bar safety, the extractor, the forward toggle link, the front of the frame, under the barrel, and on the side of the trigger. Original grips are finely cut diamond shaped checkering made from walnut or in some cases beech wood. 




The inside of the gun is clean with indicating that it has been cared for many years. The bore is good. This gun is a great Luger being in such good shape and bearing all the correct proofs and markings to make it a text book "G" date. See Kenyon Lugers at Random Page 264.

Here is the Luger in full recoil with the rear main axel pin exposed. The frame was still a DWM Frame as you cannot see the 2mm hump that Mauser built into the later frames to protect the rear main axel pin.   These pins were numbered from 1932 onward as a way of maintaining the correct pin with the gun. On the right one can see the the W154 early proof probably telling us the barrel was made during K-Date run.

This is a standard 1934 Model gun designated by collectors as the G-Date Code S/42 Mauser that was ordered from Mauser for the Heer (Army) use. This Luger has all matching numbers. The finish is very good  and  this model has a hold open latch and stock lug. The first toggle link is marked with the S/42 Mauser code.  There is the "V" rear sight on the rear toggle link and the last two digits of the serial number appear.   This is a must have for the basic "Mauser" gun collector as the first WWII ordered police manufactured.

The above pictures provide a plethora of proofs on the receiver and the barrel with the W154 and S92 plus military acceptance proof. The Right Pictures shows the extractor exposed showing the "GELADEN" (loaded) which can be both seen by the shooter or felt at night.


The distinctive G-Date is always sought by the collector.  Preceded by only the "K" Date the "G" (1935) date was the one of two models that used an alphabetical designation instead of the date to confuse the Allied spies.

On the upper left of the barrel is the W154 indicating it was tested and accepted \by the Army. The barrel is shiny with distinctive lands and groove. It is entirely subjective to give any Luger a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few Lugers are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.  We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria. This Luger is identified as a curio and can be send directly to C&R licensees and above.   Questions to:

Hard to see proofs; on the right of the barrel is the Heer (Army) acceptance, on the left of the barrel is is the W154 barrel acceptance. The Heer proof appears on the breach block and the last two digits of the serial number also match the short sear.


This is a difficult to find G-Date Model  Mauser S/42 Parabellum with a very rare 1934 holster that was among the second year of pre-war production for re-armament of the German Army (Heer).  This Parabellum comes with two matching magazines and a proofed loading tool, 1935 dated  holster and this one is a worthy collectible.    Questions to: G-


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