1906 Royal Portuguese Navy -

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a 1906 Model  Manufactured by DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) in Berlin  in 9mm for the Portuguese navy.  The original contract was for the Crown over anchor and 80% of that order was delivered before the abdication of Manuel II and DWM to change the head stamp to the R.P. for the Republic of Portugal.  This is a very difficult Luger for the collector to obtain, almost are  as rare as the Russian. (693)


The Portuguese were among the most important early supporters of the Parabellum. Receiving some test pieces of the 1900 model and a very few Marked with the Crown Carlos 1st  the Portuguese conducted tests in 1903 and 1904. After the murder of King Carlos 1st in 1908 Manuell II took the throne and in 1910 DWM Delivered the Portuguese Army know as the “Army” model.

This Luger has the 100mm (4") barrel on the 1906 squeeze grip safety frame.  Walnut grips with no stock lug, the serial number placement is in the commercial ("hidden") style. The extractor is marked "Carregada".  This Luger has all matching numbers.


Here, side by side are the two crests from the Portuguese Navy.  The one on the left (sale Parabellum) is the Royal Navy Proof that was the original order for 1,000 Lugers. Only 800 of the "Royal" Navy's were delivered when the King abdicated and the remainder of the order was finished in the R.P. (Republica Portuguesa).  It has been reported that a large quantity of the "Royal" Navy Crests were removed by the fledgling Republic and the R.P. installed. 

There are a lot of differences between the writers concerning the serial numbers of the two variations of the Portuguese Navy.

This serial number represents the DWM contract gun serial numbers beginning with 1 through the number of Parabellums ordered in that contract series.

Walker in The Luger Book states the highest known 'Royal' is 769 and the 'Republic' is 993. 

Some writings indicate that the original Royal guns were modified placing the serial number series into the R.P. variations. Others find the placement of the crest stamp to be different.

In any case, we have a solid three digit Royal Portuguese Navy that be a proud addition to anyone's collection.

Another characteristic of these squeeze grip Portuguese Navy's is the extractor marked Carregda which means loaded. 

There are no other proofs on these Lugers except the MP.

The MP stand for "Marina Portuguesa" and may either have been a condition of the contract or, like the Crown a sales tool of DWM.

The Portuguese military proof of the circle around the triangle is said to be attributed to Army Lugers but others have stated it is simply a military proof found on both Navy and Army models.

Here we see the "hidden" method of serial numbers with the last two digits appearing on the bottom of the side plate and locking lever vs. the military proofs on the outside of each.


The first 'Pistola Luger-Parabellum da Marinha Portuguêsa  was delivered early in 1910 with only about 800 delivered by October 5th, 1910. On that date the revolution put the King to flight causing DWM to hastily change the style of the cartouche and they then delivered approximately 200 of the so-called 'Republican Model', in which R.P. (Republica Portuguesa), replaced the crown in the original crown-and-anchor chamber mark. 


The purchase of ‘Army’ Parabellums encouraged the Portuguese navy to follow suit.  However, like the German Navy they ordered the 9mm caliber and 100mm barrels.   A contract for only 1,000 Lugers was placed with DWM late in 1909.  Portugal was not a naval power.  

This is a collector grade Luger, in excellent condition and a wonderful example of the 1906 model squeeze grip contract guns produced by DWM.  This is a jewel.



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