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This is a 1920 Dated DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) Weimar Navy Academy and Nazi Navy Baltic Sea marked Parabellum which came with a German Navy Holster, belt and Nazi Navy Buckle.  This piece is a 4 inch (100mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum with all matching serial numbers and extra (2nd) matching Navy magazine. This is quite an unusual Luger for the Navy collector. (731)


The 1920 Chamber date was a re-work of 1917 Imperial Navy which shows signs of having the date on the receiver rails partially removed and Imperial Marinen proofs on the receiver replaced with the Weimar Markings and the proof of the Navy Academy. The application of the 1920 date would indicate the gun was re-worked from an Imperial Navy (1917) to a Weimar navy by DWM in the '20s.

Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.   The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the bottom of the locking bolt, on the trigger, on the bottom of the barrel, the side plate,  the left side of the receiver, and under the first toggle.

If you are a 1920 collector, or a Weimar Navy collector or Nazi Navy collector you have all the bases covered with the beautiful unit marked rig with two matching magazines.   Just a Primo find!

The Nazi Navy has the thumb safety and a stock lug. This Luger has all matching numbers. There are two Haennel-Schmeisser extruded matching magazines with the gun.

On the front strap is the Baltic (Ostsee) Sea markings O.186 which were Nazi navy identification numbers.


There appear to be two theories regarding the MA proof.  Kenyon believes that the MA stands for Mauser Arbeiten (Mauser Works) because of the distinctive sharp shoulder on the barrel band.  The magazines both being matching to the gun and being late 1930's extruded Haennel-Schmeisser suggests a Mauser Re-work. We know it was formerly a 150mm barrel navy.

Jan Still states the MA represents Marine Arsenal and there is a Weimar proof plus the date 1920 suggests that it was a DWM (BKIW) Berlin-Karlsruher Industrie-Werke (corporate consolidation of May 1922). 

We also know that German armaments used the 1920 date on weapons for several years in the 1920's to fool the Allied Military Commission that new weapons were not being created.     Creates a bit of an enigma but one great research project.


The first toggle link is marked with the DWM logo.   This is a collector grade gun.


Here you can see the matching serial number of the barrel, the front of the frame, the locking lever and the bottom of the side plate. (Original Navy's were marked on the bottom of the side plate).  This Luger also is marked on the side of the side plate customary of the Nazi military proofs.


Both magazine are Haennel-Schmeisser extruded metal magazines that were introduced in the late 1930's.  Both numbered to the gun. A strong suggestion of when the Luger was converted to Nazi Navy use.


 This is highly desirable Nazi Navy that collectors either add or upgrade into their collections.  Truly collector quality.  This gun is an exceptional Luger being in such fine shape and bearing all the correct proofs and markings to make it a text book "Weimar-Nazi Navy".

This is a Nazi era Enlisted Navy Gold Dress buckle that is Navy proofed (see back, right above).  It is usually sold separately for $350-$400; while it is becoming common place to part-out these great rigs we have opted to keep this rig intact for its historical value.


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See Grtz, The Navy Luger        See Kenyon Lugers at Random Page 156.   See Still Weimar & Early Nazi Lugers Page 102, 204,  229,

The holster is well sewn with no seams open and fully functional, including the pull tab.  The leather is still soft and pliable and with care can last another 60 years.  Below is the Marinen proof of the Nazi Navy on the back of the holster.

This was a re-worked Imperial Navy Luger and underwent the factory refurbishing at least twice by DWM and perhaps Mauser that brings it to its present day beautiful condition.


Oil painting made by Artist Marii Chernev depicting the Bismarck and the U-556 in the Baltic Sea in the spring of 1941. Cruiser Prinz Eugen is in the far back.

During World War II, about 60% of all U-boats commissioned were lost in action; 28,000 of the 40,000 U-boat crewmen were killed during the war and 8,000 were captured. The remaining U-boats were either surrendered to the Allies or scuttled by their own crews at the end of the war.


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