"1937" Dated Krieghoff Luger  

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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The classic Luger manufactured by Krieghoff for the Luftwaffe. This is an early production model from the dated series 1936-1945. Four Digit Serial Numbers from an estimated production run of approximately 2500 guns. The barrel is 4" (100mm), 9mm.  It has a "U" notch sight on the rear linkage.   The first toggle link is marked with the Krieghoff  monogram. (755)


The frame is the new short type with a stock lug and serial numbers on the front of the frame and the side of the receiver. The extractor is marked "Geladen" the German word for loaded. This gun evidences the darker blue and high polish of the Krieghoff standard.

Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.  The proof marks are on the right side of the receiver, under and side of the barrel and on the toggle.

The safety is  the thumb safety where the German "Gesichert" appears. Safe is Down. This Luger is as clean inside as it is outside. A well cared for gun.


LEFT: The underside of the gun brings us the serial number on front of the frame. The bore is excellent and the gun does not show evidence of being excessively fired. 

BELOW: On the Right of the Receiver (Below) are the early Stage I & Stage II acceptance stamps. On the barrel is the Stage II acceptance and the Barrel Gauge Marking

Serial numbers all match both inside and out. The proofs are well struck and excellent examples of the early Krieghoff proofs.

The magazine is stainless steel with an aluminum bottom and is numbered, (military type) and proofed.

Grips are molded brown plastic and are in excellent condition. The magazine is correct is it matches the gun.

Military acceptance proof appear throughout the gun and inside of many of the parts.

See Kenyon, Page 328


In 1934 the Luftwaffe announced it was seeking bids for military pistols.  It is assumed that Krieghoff had acquired the old Erfurt Luger tooling from Simpson to enable it to contract for only 10,000 Lugers in 9mm.  The chamber date "S" places the assembly as an example of the original military contract.


The Krieghoff Lugers display both the military markings and the civilian (commercial) style of proofing. The proofs on the toggle appear on the side, the proofs on the side plate appear inside, not on the bottom as other manufacturers and not on the outside as military marked.

The marking of the rear toggle pin came about in 1932 when in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt the Reichswehrministerium when on March 17th, 1932 ordered the rear connecting pins to be serial numbered to the guns.

Sometimes you will encounter pins that appear to have decimal  numbers both before and after 1932.  These are 'oversized' pins that were installed by unit armorers. Sometimes marked with the serial numbers and sometimes not.

Note below the toggles you can see the '46' last two digits of the serial number and  the eagle proof on the coupling link.


This Luger has all matching serial numbers including a matching magazine, (with the acceptance proof).


The traditional thumb print of the Krieghoff under the rear toggle is clearly visible.

It was widely believed that these Lugers were issued to the officer pilots but this is a common misconception. The Luger and holster was much too bulky to fit in the small cockpit configuration.

Most Luftwaffe Lugers were issued to the Paratroopers and Flak Corps controlled by the Luftwaffe.

This is a very clean gun with no visible pitting an excellent bore.


 This is a excellent example of the 1937 Model Krieghoff Luger. It has all matching serial numbers, and a matching magazine. 


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