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This is an extremely well done 1900 Presentation Luger manufactured by DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) in Berlin for presentation to someone with the initials "SP" or "PS".  This much sought after gun has graced the covers of gun magazines and has been displayed throughout the country as one of the finest examples of the early Luger craftsmanship. We will attempt to illustrate all the features of this one of one early Luger.  (870)

One is first impressed with the pencil thin, 7.65mm barrel at 7" (178mm). There are very few of the 7" barrels in existence and this one is recognized with the 10,000 serial number range as a presentation gun.  Also note the early wide trigger guard.  (970)


This is the classic 1900 Luger in 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger) with a 178mm barrel with all the characteristics of the very early Lugers: flat breech block and the self-retaining extractor up to the classically dished toggles.

The Original Model Frame has the wide trigger guard (15mm) and the gun is machined to accept the leaf  recoil spring. Note how the receiver is curved at the top of the rear portion of the receiver ring and not cut away for the extractor as in the new model receiver.


As when most of these one-of-one treasures appear for that  once in a lifetime opportunity on the market place there is the usual gaggle of naysayers whose unlimited ocular ability permits them to opine endlessly regarding authenticity of any gun and all by mere picture observation rather than actually examination.  One of our friends in New Braunfels Texas sent us this extract of the March 1966 Guns & Ammo Magazine to put some history and provenance behind the gun.  Maurice shared with us that this article inspired his interest in the Luger and for that and his contribution we are grateful.

Click Here to Download the Guns & Ammo 1966 Article on the 1901 "SP" Presentation Luger


The true beauty of these Presentation Lugers is the detail, intricacy and craftsmanship evidence in the engraving.  This is truly possess the treasure of old world engraving. Some people refer to this as the Paul Spear gun as the Spear family was said to be involved in early armaments.

While the identity of the original owner of this gun has been lost over the past 100 years the beautiful engraving gives witness to the craftsmanship of these early pieces.

The clean lines and distinct scroll of the DWM Logo suggest either a very new die or this too was engraved. I would suggest the latter since there are small differences in the loops and curves of the standard DWM imprint.  Very well done.

Here is a shot of the extraordinary rear ramp sight. By pinching the sides one can sight the Luger to 600 meters. Note also the GL for George Luger whose initials were placed on guns that he personally participated in their production. 


The early model Lugers had the long frame and in this case a wide squeeze grip safety. There is a stock lug to suggest this gun may have been designed for a carbine style stock.  We just don't know. This model has a hold open latch.

The first toggle link is marked with the early DWM monogram, and there is the unusual rear ramp rear sight on the rear toggle link.

This Luger has all matching numbers including the grips. Below is the Type II thumb safety, very early!


All 7.65mm Lugers have have four-groove rifling with a right-hand twist of one turn in 250mm. The inside of this barrel is like new with no blemishes from being fired and is shiny like a mirror.

The 10,000 serial number range was set aside for presentation guns to various officials and dignitaries and to mark known prototypes.  Although we don't have a factory list of who received which one we do know that 10000 was a GL presented to the President of Argentina, 10024 was a GL Marked Navy Prototype, 10078 B was a GL Prototype, 10100 a 1902 Fat Barrel Prototype and the GL "MM" gun is 10158 and so on.

Picture of the wide trigger guard, the serial numbered side plate and locking lever. Below the trigger assembly.

The original 1900 toggle locking mechanism and the rear ramp sight. The engineering and precision of these 100 year old guns is truly amazing and a beautiful addition to anyone's collection.   Not for the timid, this is a "pièce de résistance" of any collection.



Holding an early Luger, a timeless representation of a personal level of quality and pride of craftsmanship, personally initialed by George Luger, brings you back a hundred years to another century of weapons development and leaves you with a truly one-of-one gun.  This one of one George Luger Presentation is offered over the counter priced on request to the serious collector.

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