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This is a 1940 dated Krieghoff manufactured Luger after the initial contract of 10,000 for the German Air Force, (Luftwaffe).  The initial 10,000 Lugers were delivered from 1935 until 1937.  However then demands for side arms in the expanding Luftwaffe, which included not only the air force arm, the anti-aircraft crews but also the paratroopers (Fallschirmjager, the German paratroopers of World War II, which made the first airborne infantry assaults in history) required Krieghoff to expand its' delivery requirements.  (884)


In 1934 the Luftwaffe announced it was seeking bids for military pistols.  It is assumed that Krieghoff had acquired the old Erfurt Luger tooling from Simpson to enable it to contract for only 10,000 Lugers in 9mm.  The chamber date places the assembly as an example of the original military contract.


This 9mm Luger has a 100mm barrel and bears the Krieghoff Suhl logo on the front link. There is a 'v' notch rear sight on the rear link and a full bladed inverted 'v' sight on the front and there is a stock lug. This Luger has all matching serial numbers including the magazine.

The serial number is stamped on the firing pin (top) the inside of the 1st and 2nd toggle link along with the Eagle 2 proof on all the parts.

Production commenced in the Suhl plant in 1934 and by the end of 1937 the 10,000 contract was completed.  While there are very few examples known of the "G" chamber marked date (less than 50 believed produced) they are believed to be the 1935 production.

The "G" date (1935) "S" dated chambers were begun in 1936, followed by the "36" and then the full "1936", 1937 and so on until 1945.


The serial number of this gun places it in the early stage of the late production sub-category of the 1940 produced Lugers.

Serial number placement on German military pistols are usually in the "exposed" manner with the last two digits of the serial number appearing on the Parabellum on the exterior of the side plate and locking lever.  However, Krieghoff was a professional hunting gun manufacturer both before and after the war and the pride in the beauty of the guns are evident.

Note above the side plate and the locking lever do not appear to be serial numbered but when we examine them below we see where the serial number placement is on the inside.

Note on the barrel the Stage I and Stage II proofs.

Stage I & Stage II proof plus the barrel gauge.

Below is the side plate, serial numbered and proofed with the Eagle 2 on the plate and trigger lever.

The barrel is numbered and proofed and matches the frame.  There are extensive LWaA 1st & 2nd acceptance proofs throughout the gun.  Clean and finely struck.

Above: The last two digits of the serial number appear on the inside arm of the locking lever while the Eagle 2 proof of Krieghoff  is stamped on the locking bar.

We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria. If you want more pictures or a detailed shot just email your request.


When the war forced increased demand on Krieghoff in 1940 to produce additional side arms they had on hand 1,000 assembled guns in the inventory that were not proofed and unfinished.  Also available in bins were enough parts for another 1,000 pistols.  Thus began the early 1940 production guns with serial numbers from 10,000 to 10,999.

The guns serial numbered from 11,000 to 11,999 were considered the last 1940 production and the delivery dates from this batch of parts ran into the 1944 dates.   Krieghoff skipped the 12,000 block of numbers in 1944 and 1945 and that limited production is attributed to new parts being manufactured to produce the guns.


As characteristic of the early contract Lugers, the polishing prior to bluing of these pistols was excellent and superior to the other manufacturer's processes.  These contract pistols were salt blued in a bath of 300F which produced the uniform premium blue appearance. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and safe is in the down position.    The extractor is marked "Geladen."

This Luger is very clean, no evidence or rust or pitting and in excellent condition. The bore is excellent and the gun does not show evidence of being excessively fired. 


During the production of the initial 10,000 gun contract order 13,600 sets of parts had been completed at the same time it took to finish the 10,000 weapons. Some of these parts were made up and serial numbered to replace guns that has been rejected in the acceptance process by the military inspector.  So you might have a 1938 dated gun with a serial number that should be in 1936.  This means the original 1936 sequential gun was rejected during inspection and the 1938 gun was numbered to replace it.  This began the practice of adding the additional digit to the "P" guns and selling them as commercials.


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This excellent Krieghoff Parabellum is one of 1000 manufactured in 1940 for delivery to the Luftwaffe.  All matching, following every description in the Gibson  book  


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