ARTILLERY 200mm (+) Barrel Models    

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1917 Artillery Belt Rig: This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1917 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. The 1917 Chamber Date is one of the most difficult of the Artillery models to find with an adjustable front site. The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units. This rig comes with a belt holstered rig, cleaning rod, proofed loading tool, field belt buckle and period belt.     (1274)

1917 Artillery Belt Rig            SOLD

All Matching 1917 Artillery Rig  Matching Magazine's), stock, proofed loading tool, cleaning rod, holster with protective cup and all the straps plus a double magazine pouch. This is an excellent example of the dated 1917 Artillery in minty condition with all the basic Imperial proofs in mid 1917 production . If you are collecting the dated artilleries then you know how hard it is to find one like this. 

1917 DWM Artilery Rig  (1748)    SOLD

1917 Full Artillery Rig with all matching 1917 Lange Parabellum, matching stock, magazine pouch with two additional matching magazines, proofed cleaning rod and proofed loading tool with a lined attachment cap and all the straps, keepers and studs. This is as good as it gets for a complete rig.

1917 Artillery Rig  (1532)         SOLD

1916 Artillery Rig: All matching 1916 Lange Pistole with matching stock, proofed loading tool, proofed cleaning rod, 1916 dated holster with straps, cup and accessories. Excellent condition for the professional collector.  1916 Artillery Full Rig       1436      SOLD

1918/1920 Double Date Artillery

1918/1920 Double Date Weimar Period 9mm, Artillery Luger.  1918 Military end of war issue called by into service in 1920 and marked for the Reichswehr.  Very hard to find artillery Luger

Double Date Arty    (825)    SOLD



NAVY 150mm Barrel Models

Imperial Navy Models


LAYAWAYS:  Sometimes our "significant other" doesn't understand the beauty, craftsmanship and investment potential of one of these investor grade weapons.  In these circumstances where discretion becomes the better part of valor we will accept layaways of up to one year with at least 20% down and some activity occurring monthly to insure that after one year the sale is completed.  Cancellations of layaways forfeit 33% if done within two months, otherwise 100%. You can transfer a layaway to a consignment sale at any time. See "Legal" for exact terms.


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