1917/1920 Dated DWM Artillery/NAVY Rig  

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1917 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. The 1917 Chamber Date is one of the most difficult of the Artillery models in this pristine condition.  The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units. After WWI the weapon was stamped 1920 to indicate it was brought back under government control and then issued to the Weimar navy. A very rare variation.    (1463)

NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited.  Before your purchase please read Legal for Conditions of Sale. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tale of the Gun

  The new (Weimar) German Government after WWI found itself with an armed citizenry with all the soldiers bringing their weapons home from the war.

  On August 1st, 1920 the German authorities issued an order from Berlin that cited the impending disarming of the people required that all weapons of the armed forces were to be marked with the date to prevent people from stealing military supplies and selling them back to the government.

  On August 7th, 1920 rewards were begun for the turn-in of weapons to the government paying 100 Marks (then about $23.50) for a small arm until October 10th after which the reward was to be reduced to 50 Marks. Thus began the disarming of the citizenry; a lesson that should not be lost on free people.

 This is truly an extraordinary Parabellum, in violation of the Treaty and escaping to the US for the enjoyment of the selective collector.

The Treaty of Versailles restricted barrel length to less than 100mm (4") so the "Artillery" models were usually marked for export, stamped "Germany" and sold overseas.

However, this artillery was re-issued to the fledgling Weimar Navy, Proofed with the M (Marinen) and Anchor and the N (Nordsee - North Sea) and designated #5 or the 5th gun.



This is a 9mm weapon with all the matching parts marked in the military manner (exposed). The barrel is 200mm and it has the adjustable  leaf site.  The Imperial proofs are well struck and tell the story of the gun.  The barrel inside is shiny with distinctive lands and grooves.  The magazine is clean and grips match the gun. The thumb safety "up" covering the German word "Gesichert" (safe) the safety block behind the sear is down and the gun loaded and ready  to fire.

The front site is a non-adjustable type which was introduced in early 1917.    The original cleaning rod and loading tool along with the double pouch with two matching magazines makes this a prize collector's dream.

This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1917 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. This 200mm barreled artillery model is all matching, including the stock to the match the gun and the magazines all match.   This dated full rig shows up in this condition once ever 40 years.  


Acknowledging a requirement to protect the crew served weapons the German army was in search of a shorter, more lightweight weapon than the K98.  The Luger Carbine was well known (the Kaiser hunted with one), so the idea for a long barreled pistol with a stock was an easy jump to make.


This Parabellum is in very good condition, having been in a good home the last 42 years in a private collection. Below all the parts are displayed.

Here one can see the extractor marked "Geladen" [Loaded]  the extension of the extractor could be felt in the dark give the soldier the assurance he was ready to fire.

The frame has the stock lug and the thumb safety. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen".  The barrel is numbered and proofed to the weapon. The inside of the gun is clean and well cared for. The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units.


The Imperial proofs are well struck and tell the story of the gun.  The barrel inside is shiny with distinctive lands and grooves. The exterior of the gun is very clean for 95 year old battlefield pickup. The magazines are clean and grips match the gun. 

The serial numbers are marked in the "military manner" meaning they are exposed on the parts. This Luger has all matching parts. The low 4 digit serial number without a suffix puts this Parabellum in the early part of 1917. This is a great collector grade weapon, all matching serial number, with all components, and a wonderful addition to anyone's collection.

Here is the original stock for the 1917 Artillery Rig which must have been turned in with the Parabellum to be marked with the 1920.



Above: Sometimes in examination people think the leaf site is bent.  However, when raising the site to the full 800 meter position reveals a 7 left movement.  This design compensates for the rifling on the 200 mm barrel which gives the bullet a twist in flight and if properly adjusted will permit a corrected point of impact.  Another example of Luger engineering. This was designed as a precision weapon and with the extended barrel and 800m rear sight make it formidable.

Pictured above is what makes this gun a very rare piece, not seen in our 35 years of collecting is the Weimar Navy proof and a Nordsee #5 designation of assignment of a double date artillery to the German Navy.



The holster is in excellent shape. The top strap is in good condition and the back shows the stock block where the straps affix to the stock. The  holster is still flexible and all parts are function. The exterior of the holster is in excellent shape to match the gun.

Above: The Crown S on the stock shows the military acceptance of the stock and is one of the authenticators of the genuine versions.

There are three matching magazines for the gun and the two magazine pouch.  Above Right:  The loading tool is Imperial Proofed, original issue to the weapon. 

The magazine pouch is identified by the closure,  and rear if the pouch is stitched in a  manner to enable it to be worn on a belt or running the strap vertically  it can be worn over the shoulder.

Inside the cut it is lined with felt to protect the stock iron; on the end of the barrel swivel of the cleaning rod is the Crown S as found on the stock.

Here you can see how the rig assembles into the carbine. The leather is still subtle and complete with all the straps, cups, and keepers and with a little care should last another 100 years. The double magazine pouch is made of the same color leather as the holster and has no markings that we have found. The stock iron protective cup is lined.



This Parabellum is in very good condition for 95 yrs old, having been in a good home the last 46 years in a private collection.  Here you can see inside the gun and the care it has received these past  years.  The gun in full recoil just about fully compresses the coil spring.

The Cleaning rod is an original with the head that turns and is small barreled.  Below the Luger in full recoil with the thumb safety up, revealing the "Gesichert" meaning the gun is on safe.


Early Imperial Staff Officers


This is a very difficult to obtain, full rig dated DWM 1917/20 in excellent condition with all the basic Imperial proofs and all the accouterments.  Included with the gun is a double magazine pouch with the 2nd & 3rd   magazines, an Imperial proofed matching stock and full leather accessories including the cleaning rod,  and proofed loading tool. Then it was double-dated (1920) and issued to the Weimar Navy. This is as good as it gets.  Questions to: 


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