1908 Imperial Navy Rig   

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a very difficult to obtain 1908 Imperial Navy rig, complete with Navy proofed shoulder stock, old style straps with attached metal unit plate,  cleaning rod, take-down tool that is Marinen proofed and an all matching Navy Luger.  This is a Navy Collectors dream. (6793)


This is the classic Imperial Navy Luger in its most complete condition. It has the 6" (150mm) barrel and the two position (100-200m) rear sight.

This Luger is nicely proofed with all the correct Navy proofs on the barrel, the receiver and breech block.

The frame is the long version with the serial number on the front and a stock lug.

The DWM scroll logo appears on the first toggle link and two digits of the serial number appear on the back of the 2nd toggle link.


This 1908 Model, is unit marked. The leather is still subtle with glazing on the front bottom of the holster. The pull out strap is functional and all stitching intact.

The German Navy was the first to adopt the Luger with the 1904 model.   This was because when the original Navy contract was let the 1904 versions with one curled knob and one toggle with the lock was the weapon tested. The contract was slow being delivered and by the time more weapons were ordered the 1908 model had appeared with the thumb safety down.  The German Navy, in an effort to prevent confusion in 1912 ordered that all their Lugers be "altered" to match the current issue.  This produced the variations that Navy collectors covet today.

This is a complete rig.  Extremely difficult for the collector to obtain all these components in this good condition.  The leather on the holster, straps and leather is still subtle, all the stitching is intact including the extractor strap.    The Luger has finely checked walnut grips and concentric ring matching magazine with the Crown "M" Imperial Navy proof. The shoulder stock is not serial numbered to the gun.  The inside flap of the holster is marked with the Crown M Marinen stamp.


Serial number placement is in the Navy (commercial - hidden) style.  Matching numbers on the barrel, front frame, on the bottom of the side plate and take-down lever, rear toggle, trigger, bottom of the stop lug, left breech block, under the first toggle, bottom of magazine and on the board irons.

The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen."

The barrel is numbered and proofed and matches the frame.

On the left side of the receiver are  the Navy Proofs and further illustrated are the last two digits of the serial number on the majority of the small parts.

Another distinguishing feature of this classic Navy is the unmarked chamber which although produced during the same period as "Army" models that were chamber dated these were not.  Beginning in 1916 Navy Lugers appear with the chamber date making this a variation

The magazine is clean and matches the serial number of the gun, and is  Imperial Navy Proofed.


References:  See Kenyon, Lugers at Random, Page 154: German Small Arms Markings, Gortz & Bryans Page 53  [Click here for other references]

(Right) Weapon #507 of the (1st) Este Seebataillon, Kiel or the equivalent of the marines.

This is a very  clean example of the 1906 Navy gun. It has approximately 96% deep blue and 40% straw blued parts.

The barrel shows loss of some of the bluing due to holster wear and general wear over the years.

There are no import marks or Germany stamps, just a clean example of a period rig.




1909 Order The right picture shows the identification disc ordered by theto mark the shoulder stocks  with the unit markings.  Also is an early Marinen stamp on the stock.  Later large proofs the crown matched that of the proofs on the receiver.


This Navy rig will be the complement to any collection.  The entire rig, matching Luger, Navy Holster, Navy Proofed and  Shoulder Board, cleaning rod, take-down tool is offered.


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