1906 Altered Imperial Navy Luger (Submarine Unit)   

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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This is a 1906 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) Altered Imperial Navy.  This piece is a 6 inch (150mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum with the Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine. The DWM monogram markings appear on the 1st toggle link and the extractor is marked 'Geladen' (Loaded).   This example has all matching serial numbers. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and when exposed (safety down) means safe.  The unit markings UA is Unterseeboot Abteilung or Submarine Detachment.  (1013) 

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The German Navy Imperial Flag

The German Imperial Submariners Badge.

This was a service award for going on a mission in the submarine. 

The badge was gold in color.


In WWI Germany deployed a large U-boat force against the western powers.  In World War One the Germany Navy had a very large surface (battleships, destroyers, cruisers) fleet while in WWII the U-boats had to shoulder the fight pretty much alone.  During 1914-1918 the Imperial Navy deployed 375 U-Boats (Unterseeboot). Of these 274 sunk 6,596 allied ships

Crew UC67


The frame has the stock lug and the thumb safety. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen". The barrel is numbered and proofed to the weapon.  The gun has all matching serial numbers and the magazine is matching.

This Navy is the classic; complete with matching magazine. This model has a hold open latch and stock lug. There is the two-position (100-200m) sight on the rear toggle link and the last two digits of the serial number appear. This is a collector grade gun. This model Navy was believed to be produced in less than 8,000 quantity.  There is an "a" letter suffix versions on this 1906 model.

The front site is dovetailed adjustable with the then standard sight blade.  Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style.  This Luger has all matching numbers. The barrel is numbered and scored and matches the frame.


Submarine warfare in World War I was partly a fight between German U-Boats and Atlantic supply convoys bound for Great Britain. British and Allied submarines conducted wide spread operations in the Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. Only a few actions occurred outside of the wider European-Atlantic theatre. German submarine attacks on allied merchant ships gave a direct cause for Americans to enter the war in April 1917.

All participants were supposed to abide by the Hague Conventions  but this was found to be impracticable for submarines. Initially German submarines did attempt to comply with the Prize Rules but then went to unrestricted submarine warfare. American diplomatic pressure forced the Germans to stop this for a while but in January 1917 declared a War Zone around the British Isles and sank up to a quarter of shipping entering it, until escorted convoys were introduced. The sinking of the Pathfinder was the first combat victory of a modern submarine, and the exploits of U-9, which sank three British cruisers in under an hour, establishing the submarine as an important new component of naval warfare.



Usually the Unit Markings for the Navy Luger is WW (Werft Wilhemshaven), WF (Werft Kiel) or  I, II , III MD for the TD (Torpedo Division).  This is the first time in 35 years that we have seen a U.A. (Unterseeboot Abteilung) for a submarine detachment.  If this Luger was assigned to a submarine or just one of the flotillas we will never know.  But this is truly a very rare piece to have survived in minty condition with a unit marking for the Kaiserliche Marine.


Serial number placement is in the civilian ("hidden") style.   The serial number appears on the front of the frame, on the bottom of the locking bolt, on the trigger, on the bottom of the barrel, the side plate,  the left side of the receiver, and under the first toggle. The magazine is matching with the Marinen Crown Proof & the matching serial number.

Right the Marinen Proof and matching serial number of the magazine and barrel and receiver proof of the same number.  See Kenyon, Lugers at Random, Page 150


This Luger variation is considered a 1st Issue "Altered" version because of the milling out of the original thumb safety and changing from safe up to safe down.  This was because when the original Navy contract was let the 1904 versions with one curled knob and one toggle with the lock was the weapon tested. The contract was slow being delivered and by the time more weapons were ordered the 1908 model had appeared with the thumb safety down.  The German Navy, in an effort to prevent confusion in 1912 they ordered that all their Lugers be "altered" to match the current issue.  This produced the variations that Navy collectors covet today.


The inside of the gun shows very good care for a 100+ year old gun.  The condition of the gun is very good and barrel is well defined.  Here you can see the mechanism of the grip safety and the serial number it has. There is a wide flanged rear main axel pin. You can see where the thumb safety was milled and switched.

This Luger is Sold and is offered for Historical Purposes only for your knowledge and enjoyment.


These Parabellums are offered under the Archives section for you to enjoy and study the characteristics from Lugers we have sold in the past.  We hope you enjoy this presentation and respect our rights of Copyright by not reproducing the the pictures without written consent.  Thank you for looking.  Questions to



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