1937 Krieghoff Rig

Genuine German Luger - Largest Variety of Lugers Offered
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The classic Luger manufactured by Krieghoff for the Luftwaffe. This is one of the 10,000 gun initial order by the Luftwaffe and reflects the four digit dates begun from  1936-1945.The barrel is 4" (100mm), 9mm.  It has a "U" notch sight on the rear linkage.   The first toggle link is marked with the Krieghoff  monogram. This is a full rig with an all matching Luger, a second Krieghoff proofed magazine, a Krieghoff proofed holster, period belt  and Luftwaffe buckle (1213)

In 1934 the Luftwaffe announced it was seeking bids for military pistols.  It is assumed that Krieghoff had acquired the old Erfurt Luger tooling from Simpson to enable it to contract for only 10,000 Lugers in 9mm.  The chamber date places the assembly as an example of the original military contract.


NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.


This Luger has all matching serial numbers, a 9mm Luger has a 100mm barrel and bears the Krieghoff Suhl logo on the front link. There is a 'v' notch rear sight on the rear link and a full bladed inverted 'v' sight on the front. There is a stock lug. The frame is the new short type with a stock lug and serial numbers on the front of the frame and the side of the receiver. The extractor is marked "Geladen" the German word for loaded. This gun evidences the darker blue and high polish of the Krieghoff standard.

Serial number placement is in the military ("exposed") style. With the full serial number on the front of the frame and on the left side of the receiver and then two digit on the locking lever (below), trigger,  inside the side plate and throughout the gun.

Military Krieghoff Lugers bear serial numbers of one through five digits without any suffix. They began military production in 1935 with the "G" Code at serial number 1 and continued consecutively upward until approximately 13000 in early 1945.  The serial numbers overlapped "variations" as defined by collectors and require some study to be certain the exact variation one is looking at.


This Luger has all matching serial numbers, a 9mm Luger has a 100mm barrel and bears the Krieghoff Suhl logo on the front link. There is a 'v' notch rear sight on the rear link and a full bladed inverted 'v' sight on the front. There is a stock lug.
This barrel does have the gauge markings found on the early models (881) and is serial numbered to the gun, a practice introduced during the 1936 transition. The magazine matches the gun and bears the Krieghoff proof

Production commenced in the Suhl plant in 1934 and by the end of 1937 the 10,000 contract was completed. This completed the "Early" military contract of which this Luger is a member. While there are very few examples known of the "G" chamber marked date (less than 50 believed produced) they are believed to be the 1934-5 production. The "S" dated chambers were begun in 1935, followed by the "36" and then the full "1936". hereafter the full year dates were used.

Krieghoff workers were truly gunsmiths and the detail work and polishing is what make their guns distinctive. Proof marks and the serial numbers appear "hidden" except for those prescribed by the contract to give the Krieghoff the clean classic look.
Note the Eagle 2 proofs on the breach block, firing pin retainer and the second toggle. Such detail  is amazing.


H.Krieghoff are said to be the best finished Lugers.  As a long established firearms manufacturer the craftsman and level of finish has always been superb making their products highly desirable. This Parabellum's bore is good and the gun does not show evidence of being excessively fired.  There is very slight holster wear on the end of the muzzle and the top of the side plate raised portion and side rails.  Otherwise it is in excellent + condition.     See Kenyon, Lugers At Random, P-328

The marking of the rear toggle pin came about in 1932 when in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt the Reichswehrministerium when on March 17th, 1932 ordered the rear connecting pins to be serial numbered to the guns. Sometimes you will encounter pins that appear to have decimal  numbers both before and after 1932.  These are 'oversized' pins that were installed by unit armorers. Sometimes marked with the serial numbers and sometimes not. This rear pin has the last two digits of the serial number "19"

As characteristic of the early contract Lugers, the polishing prior to bluing of these pistols was excellent and superior to the other manufacturers processes.  These contract pistols were salt blued in a bath of 300F which produced the uniform premium blue appearance.

There appears to be at least seven different logos that were used on the Krieghoff over the years.  A very early anchor and city was followed by the sword anchor and just the city.

The one on this Luger begins in the 5,500 serial number range and is characterized by the blade being symmetrical and the "I" in Krieghoff is centered over the "S" in Suhl. The bottom of the U is slanted left to right.  The left point of the anchor touches the bottom of the left leg of the "H".

When loaded the rear of the bullet pushes up the extractor and the word GELADEN (Loaded) appears; one can also fee this protrusion in the dark to tell the shooter that a round is chambered.



Most people believe the Lugers were issued to the pilots and air crews but the seats in most of the aircraft where much too small for the Luger. The bulk of the guns went to the Fallschirmjaeger or German paratroops.


Krieghoff holsters are distinctive in that markings, like the gun, appear on the inside and not on the back or the flap.  Here you can see the Eagle 2 plus the makers cartouche and the 1937 date.  A very rare find are the Krieghoff holsters and this one makes this rig very highly desirable collectors prize.

There were four variations of the Luftwaffe belt buckle based on color.  The silver, some blue, some tropical sand (however those seen could not be authenticated) and the black combat as pictured above with the Luftwaffe alder (eagle).


The 1937 Dated Krieghoff is said to be produced in the 7500-9550 serial range with a maximum production of 2050 Lugers.  This relative scarcity contributes to the spiraling costs of the Krieghoff over the last ten years with good examples in prime condition very difficult to find.  You are seeking one of 2050 in premium condition from the battlefield of WWII.


This Luger can be shipped under a C&R License. Click here to contact us regarding this weapon or any questions you might have:  This is a very hard to find 1937 dated Krieghoff manufactured Luger in a contract of 10,000 for the German Air Force.  T

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