1942 Dated Krieghoff Rig SOLD
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This is a Chamber Dated 1942 Krieghoff, made for the German Luftwaffe from over-run parts based on the 10,000 gun contract that was completed in 1938 with the shipment of the last 50 guns.  This is a 1908 Model, 9mm with a 4" (100mm) Barrel. Included with this all matching gun is a Krieghoff proofed holster, a proofed loaded tool and an extra magazine. (2086)

1942 Krieghoff with Holster

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The finish is the deep royal blue that is applied to a finely polished surface and it gives the gun the fine quality of a sporting arm that Krieghoff is famous for.  The grips went from maroon to black after the initial contract and the magazines became the code 122 with the Eagle 37 proof.

Krieghoff Luger dated 1942

This 1942 dated Krieghoff is characterized by Krieghoff logo on the first toggle,  the rear "V" cut fixed and front dovetailed sight and the frame with the stock lug. It is all matching, including the firing pin, and truly represents one of the most coveted Krieghoffs that collectors treasure.

Krieghoff Parabellum 1942 Dated

The proofing is extensive on the Krieghoff and this gun is not exception with the Stage I and Stage II proofs on many of the small parts.


Production commenced in the Suhl plant in 1934 and by the end of 1937 the 10,000 contract was completed. This completed the "Early" military contract of which this Luger is a member.  While there are very few examples known of the "G" chamber marked date (less than 50 believed produced) they are believed to be the 1935 production. The "S" dated chambers were begun in 1936, followed by the "36" and then the "1936", "1937", and the remaining 50 contract Lugers in "1938".  Those guns over the 10,000 serial number are made from the overrun and were delivered or sold up to "1945" when the very last of the war time Parabellums were produced.


HOLSTER The holster is undated dated with the Krieghoff proof marks under the cover. It is in excellent shape with all the stitching intact including the pull-strap.  The original color of saddle leather was dyed on the exterior and there appears the Pip Ranks of an officer.  The leather is still soft and subtle and has been well cared for over the years with all the components are correct and functional.

Wehrmacht rank in regards to the pips were work on the shoulder tabs.

The above holster appears to have four pips the same size (15mm)  and one smaller 11mm.

The pips appear to be brass and not silver and this should indicate an officer and not enlisted or senior enlisted.

The rank of Hauptmann (Captain) was displayed with  two pips on each collar. A first lieutenant wore one pip. It can be assumed that the owner was a lieutenant wit the smaller center pip and then promoted and he applied his Captain's rank to the holster.

Here you can see inside the gun and the care it has received these past 65+ years.  You can also see the serial number on the trigger, and on the thumb safety extension.

Reichmarshall Hermann Göring, as head of the Luftwaffe, formed the first parachute regiments in 1935. During the Spanish Civil War, the Germans had gained experience in air-landings, primarily using the Junkers 52. It was to be this plane that was to be the workhorse of the Fallschirjager – the German paratroopers. A Luftwaffe general, Kurt Student, was given charge of airborne training.  The Parabellum was the weapon of choice.

The Germans launched what can be classed as the first airborne ‘attack’ on March 12th, 1938 when German paratroopers seized and captured an airfield at Wagram in Austria during the take-over of Austria. However, in the attack on Western Europe, German paratroopers were used in the attack on Norway in May 1940 when they captured air bases at Oslo and Stavanger.

In the attack on the Netherlands, German paratroopers played a major role isolating the city of The Hague and in Belgium, they seized vital bridges and took a strategic fort at Eben Emael.

German paratroopers jump from a J-52

One year later, the Germans used paratroopers to attack Crete. This was the first time that paratroopers were given the task of attacking and defeating a complete target. At the time, it was the largest airborne attack in history. Though the island was taken after heavy fighting and the attack passed into military folklore, the Germans took very heavy casualties (25%) and Hitler lost faith in this form of attack. On the orders of Hitler, German paratroopers were sent to Russia where they fought gallantly as ground troops.

Left:  You can see highlighted the Krieghoff Proof on the inside of the holster.

Here is the serial number on the very top of the Locking Lever.

Krieghoff proofing was part commercial and part military.  Where other military producers placed the last two digits of the serial number on the side of the side plate and locking lever it was concealed on the Krieghoff.  Likewise where you expect to see the serial number on the rear toggle it is under the toggle, see below.

On the bottom of the barrel is the caliber marking done at the factory; in this case 8,82mm.

If you need more information about the gun to make your decisions then email josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com


This is a beautiful example of a 1942 dated Hermann Krieghoff Luger with matching parts, extra  magazine, Krieghoff proofed holster and loading tool. This is a very difficult date to obtain in this minty condition. Only guns with a deposit are not available for immediate sale.  Please call or email for availability. 


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