1900 DWM Ideal Rig, 7.65mm 

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This is a 1900 Model, 7.65mm (.30 Cal Luger), the "old model" transitional frame with a Type I thumb safety and is not marked but is polished with the extractor the old style leaf type. The Luger has all matching  serial numbers and a  grip squeeze safety.  There is an "American Eagle" from the US Great Seal over the Chamber and the DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken AG) on the first toggle link. This Parabellum is set up for and includes the Ideal Stock.   (1913)
Here is an exploded view of the entire rig and gun to give you an idea of the basic assembly of the piece.

NOTE: Photographs taken today with the high mega-pixel camera show more than we sometimes can see with the human eye. Magnified close-ups show us tool marks and natural surface conditions that one normally doesn't see in the ordinary handling of the weapon.  Photographs are copyrighted, all rights reserved, any extraction, reproduction or display of gun pictures without the express consent of the Phoenix Investment Arms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.  Please visit Legal (tabbed) for Conditions of Sale.


 The Model 1900 Luger pistol was the true first commercial contract Luger Parabellum produced by DWM and can be found in the 2000-19000 serial number range, with this specific pistol being produced just over 2000 models through the production cycle. This model of Luger was specifically intended for sales in the U.S. based on the use of the "American Eagle" symbol on top of the chamber area and the DWM logo markings on the front toggle. These early Luger had a beautiful hand polished blue finish with straw colored small parts and were fitted with the early desirable Luger features such as: dished toggles with toggle lock on the right side, recessed breechblock, 4 3/4 inch fast tapered barrel, grip safety and no stock lug.


The frame is the old "long" model with the American Eagle seal over the chamber. The thumb safety is not marked but it is polished and extractor the old leaf model. The thumb safety is the 1st design in the evolution of the Parabellum, flat with dicing and represents a very early edition.  This Luger has all matching numbers. The barrel is numbered and proofed and matches the frame.
The thumb safety is the Type I. The safety is the squeeze grip with the thumb safety "safe" in the up position.  The Serial Number is 4 digits with "Germany" marked export stamp under the barrel . These models did not have a stock lug but do have a hold open.
BELOW: The barrel is Crown B.U.G Proofed. Good crisp proofs on the frame left of the receiver and toggle.  Collectors prize the guns that are BUG proofed.  The Crown B (Beschuss) means the barrels were tested using a heavier load in accordance with the 1892 proof law. The Crown U (Untersuchung) means it was inspected after assembly and the Crown G (Gozogen) means a rifled barrel.
A clean commercial magazine bottom, absolutely correct for the 7.65mm 1900 American Eagle bears the DWM early proof mark. These commercial Luger's were up to five digit serial numbered and the small parts were marked in a concealed location, commonly at the bottom of the locking lever and side plate.

This Parabellum is all matching;  the magazine  is correct and does not exhibit any serial number; however the early DWM proof is on the base. Not too often do you find a 1900 with such minimal exterior wear, let along the distinctive fire-blued toggle connecting pins.  The barrel shows signs of the very early frosting of the corrosive primers but this should not affect ballistics if anyone is inclined to shoot a 115 yr. old gun.


 This is a very fine example of a later production DWM Model 1900 "American Eagle" commercial Luger pistol that is complete with an original Ideal Holster Company, combination telescoping metal stock/leather holster. It is correctly serial numbered in the commercial fashion with the serial number under the barrel and on the front of the frame, which is also marked "GERMANY".


This is the classic American Eagle 1900 Luger, the basic collectors must have in any serious collection.  While these models are not 'rare' they are difficult to obtain in excellent condition as this one represents.  See Kenyon "Lugers at Random" Page 104. This Parabellum came from a well-known Luger collector who's life was dedicated in most part to collecting the variations of the gun. 
ABOVE LEFT: The Ideal Grips are slotted for the stock attachment to fit into; when the stock is extended the two attachments lock into the grips forming a firm attachment.  ABOVE RIGHT: This very early 1900 displays the Type I thumb safety (Long portion hatched with dimples) which were used on the prototypes and very early contract guns.  Also seen on the first toggle are the early Crown B & U proofs, making this a must have for the early Luger collector.
One of the things "known" about Lugers is that international law required guns made for commercial sales must show the country of origin.  Usually this was done on the early Lugers by placing "Germany" on the front of the frame under the serial number.  This gun does exhibit this 'commercial' designation. It also does not have the "German" import mark required by customs for any weapon entering the US. This is one of the classic Lugers exported by DWM to the United States as a very early commercial model.
Note the bevel in the 1st toggle link which is characteristic of the DWM produced guns. Also the rear toggle is designed flat into the frame with the nice clean lines. Stamped on top of the toggle with the DWM monogram and on top of the chamber with the American Eagle motif. The safety area on the left side of the toggle housing is left "in the white".

Above Left: Beginning with the early Swiss Cross as applied to above the chamber of the first production guns brought such admiration when it was time to enter the US market DWM roll-pressed an American Eagle (The Great Seal of the US); this last until the early '30s for guns for US consumption. The stock bears the words "Patents Pending" on all the originals.


 The early 1900 Parabellum was not produced with a stock lug except for some experimental models. The IDEAL STOCK was patented in 1901 under Ross M. G. Phillips, L.A. CA and manufactured under the "Ideal Holster Co" in Los Angeles CA. They were manufactured for only a very short time as the DWM factory eventually added a metal stock lug to the rear frame of every Luger pistol and developed their own walnut board stock, eliminating the need for these stocks.


Original blue finish, strawed small parts and fitted with Ideal grip plates with the Ideal smooth walnut grip panels. The stock is marked on side of the metal housing PATENTS PENDING. Condition: Overall very good. The Ideal stock is complete, with thinning of the original bright blue finish and minor signs surface aging and spotting on most of the metal surfaces.

The stock is in very good condition with all the leather still showing a nice original darker brown color overall with tight stitching overall showing some minor light age cracking on the top front edge of the holster that is still pliable and not stiff. This is a very fine nice original condition, scarce early production DWM model 1900 American Eagle Luger rig complete with original ideal shoulder stock/holster.
The leather holster cup is very good and supple with no apparent damage, and is the best condition we have seen in 35 years. Extending the stock you open the jaws of the attachment iron (ABOVE LEFT) locking the stock into the Ideal Grips
On the tubular bar there is a small metal button that when depressed allows you to pull the stock extension and thereby lock the stock to the gun.  Rather ingenious way to attach stocks to guns that weren't designed for them.


 The pistol is fitted with the smooth walnut grips with the steel inserts on the back side of each grip intended for the ideal metal stock. It is complete with a tin plated magazine body with a wooden base that is marked with only "GERMANY". As noted this Luger pistol comes with an original Ideal Company combination metal shoulder stock/leather holster.


The non-military Luger always had a better chance of surviving in excellent condition because as a commercial someone paid good money for it and cared for the gun like it were their own.  This Parabellum is in excellent shape inside and out and with a little care can make someone a find collector's investment.   While every Luger was interchangeable each manufacturer has some small distinctions in their process that set them apart. The safety is the polished metal with a just a slight indentation felt with the fingernail.

Above Left: On the left is the frame and barrel matching serial numbers with the serial number indicating a 1907 produced gun. Not just beautifully marked B. U. G. proof  The early commercial Lugers never had any serial numbers on the bottom of the magazine. 

The extractor is of the original configuration of a leaf spring to extract the round when fired. The Swiss recognized the weakness of this part of the Luger and installed a metal extractor with a spring which DWM then redesigned the extractor.  The early Long Sear; the Type I thumb safety and  Wide Grip Safety mark the early design.  Note the side bevels in the 1st toggle link which is characteristic of the DWM produced guns.  While every Luger was interchangeable each manufacturer has some small distinctions in their process that set them apart.
Mounted to the shoulder stock the Parabellum has a shoulder rest to stabilize the gun for longer shots. Shown here with the stock ends inserted into the grips and the sides extended the stock locks onto the gun for firing. This beautiful example of the very hard to find 7.65mm American Eagle 1906 squeeze grip Luger is collector grade and asset to any collection. .
Holding an early Luger, a timeless representation of a personal level of quality and pride of craftsmanship, brings you back a hundred years to another century of weapons development. This Luger represents a piece of history and a turning point in our nations weapons procurement.  This beautiful example of the very hard to find 7.65mm American Eagle 1906 squeeze grip Luger is collector grade and asset to any collection. 


“The Ideal Holster Co. of Toledo, Ohio”, circa 1901-1910. The leather and steel holster could be removed from the belt after the pistol was taken out, and then attached to the butt of the pistol to form a shoulder stock and turn the weapon into a carbine. The outfit was invented by Mr. Ross M.G. Phillips of Los Angeles, California and heavily promoted about 90 years ago by The Ideal Holster Co. They made these holsters for automatic pistols like the German Luger as well as for Colt Army and Navy revolvers and the Smith & Wesson 0.38. The scarcity of these guns and stocks comes from the fact prior to the publication of the Dec 31, 2007 - 1 ATF P 5300.4, Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide, listing the Ideal Stock Frame grips were cited as a C&R item.  This clarified a notion that these and the wooden stock were accruements of a "short rifle" and many stock irons were ground off and stocks destroyed. 


This Parabellum is clean both inside and out. The barrel is very good with clear lands and grooves. Someone has taken care of this Luger the past 100 years. The Luger comes with a hold-open device. The front site is dovetailed fixed with the standard site blade while the rear sight is "V" cut.   This is the classic American Eagle Luger, the basic collectors must have in any serious collection.  While these models are not 'rare' they are becoming so in excellent condition as this one represents. 
The exploded parts view of the Ideal parts gives you a view of the components of the grips and how they are designed to grasp and hold the stock.
These commercial Luger's were up to five digit serial numbered and the small parts were marked in a concealed location, commonly at the bottom of the locking lever and side plate. this early Parabellum is only four digits and is typically marked in the 1900 manner.

Above: The frame is the old long style with the inclusion of the "Hold-Open" which the magazine when empty causes the bar to rise and hold the toggles back. When the full magazine is inserted it permits the bar to lower and the slide goes forward.

Left: In the stop lug well is the early DWM proof of the circle with two prongs emiting from the top.  This has been mistaken for the US Ordenance proof where the prongs touch but close examination reveals the difference.

It is entirely subjective to give any firearm a rating of excellent or fine, just as it is to declare it xx% blued or strawed. Few collectible weapons are out of the box new and these are premium priced. Bluing percentages is like Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.  We strive to provide pictures so you can judge for yourself if the gun meets your criteria. Any questions or request for additional purchases email to josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com This firearm is eligible for transfer to C&R permit holder, even in California.  We are registered with CA DOJ for firearms shipment.


As the Luger became more recognized, DWM began an active export campaign both in North and South America.  While there was greater acceptance of the Luger in South America the popularity of the Luger in the US was increased by the placement of the US Seal with the American Eagle over the chamber. It wasn't a contract, just marketing that brought about the American Eagle, one of the most sought after variations of the Luger. 


This 1900 Ideal Stocked American Eagle is in very good to excellent condition. This Parabellum show honest holster wear and a strong shiny barrel.

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