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This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1917 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. The 1917 Chamber Date is one of the most difficult of the Artillery models in this pristine condition.  The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units.     (1532)

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This is a 9mm weapon with all the matching parts marked in the military manner (exposed). The barrel is 200mm and it has the adjustable  leaf site.  The Imperial proofs are well struck and tell the story of the gun.  The barrel inside is shiny with distinctive lands and grooves.  The magazine is clean and grips match the gun.

This is a 1914 Model, chamber dated 1917 DWM 8" model with the 800 meter adjustable rear sight mounted on the barrel. This 200mm barreled artillery model is all matching, including the stock to the match the gun and the magazines all match.   This dated full rig shows up in this condition once ever 40 years.  


Acknowledging a requirement to protect the crew served weapons the German army was in search of a shorter, more lightweight weapon than the K98.  The Luger Carbine was well known (the Kaiser hunted with one), so the idea for a long barreled pistol with a stock was an easy jump to make.


This Parabellum is in very good condition, having been in a good home the last 42 years in a private collection. Below all the parts are displayed.

The frame has the stock lug and the thumb safety. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen".  The barrel is numbered and proofed to the weapon. The inside of the gun is clean and well cared for. The original intent was to issue the 8" weapon to gun boat crews but it then became standard issue to machine gun crews and artillery units.

The Imperial proofs are well struck and tell the story of the gun.  The barrel inside is shiny with distinctive lands and grooves. The exterior of the gun is very clean for 95 year old battlefield pickup. The magazines are clean and grips match the gun. 

The left side of the receiver reveals the serial number on the frame, locking lever, side plate, short sear, sear stop. The serial numbers are marked in the "military manner" meaning they are exposed on the parts. This Luger has all matching parts. The low 4 digit "e" block serial number  puts this Parabellum in the early part of 1917. This is a great collector grade weapon, low serial number, all matching,  and a wonderful addition to anyone's collection.


Above Left:  The Crown G on the stock shows the military acceptance of the stock and is one of the authenticators of the genuine versions.



Above Right:  The stock is matched to the gun.


Right: There is an Imperial Proof mark on the cleaning rod.


Below:  Below is an original cleaning rod with the large button top and the small barrel swivels. 

The Cleaning rod is an original with the head that turns and is small barreled.  BELOW: The black leather is the original color and you can see the lining in the stock cup that protects the stock lug.

Above: Sometimes in examination people think the leaf site is bent.  However, when raising the site to the full 800 meter position reveals a 7 left movement.  This design compensates for the rifling on the 200 mm barrel which gives the bullet a twist in flight and if properly adjusted will permit a corrected point of impact.  Another example of Luger engineering. This was designed as a precision weapon and with the extended barrel and 800m rear sight make it formidable.



Here you can see how the rig assembles into the carbine. The leather is still subtle and complete with all the straps, cups, and keepers and with a little care should last another 100 years. The double magazine pouch is made of the same color leather as the holster and has the Imperial Acceptance stamp under the leather top. The stock iron protective cup is lined.

Above is the magazine pouch which comes with the belt loop enabling it to be work either on the belt or on the sling as some of the early pictures depict. The AV appear to be the individuals initials.
This gun is matched to a 1916 holster that has turned a burgundy black over the years.  Somehow it escaped the requirement to die it black which might have occurred while awaiting assignment to the unit.  You can see the manufacturer's cartouche and the green stamp of the Imperial military acceptance.

The magazine pouch has the Imperial Acceptance stamp which is very unusual and desired by the collector of complete rigs.  Above Right is the toggles in full recoil showing how clean this WWI gun has been kept.

Here one can see the extractor marked "Geladen" [Loaded] and with the thumb safety "up" covering the German word "Gesichert" (safe) the safety block behind the sear is down and the gun loaded and ready  to fire.  The extension of the extractor could be felt in the dark give the soldier the assurance he was ready to fire. RIGHT: The loading tool is marked with the Imperial Proof of a Crown S.


This is a very difficult to obtain, full rig dated DWM 1917 in excellent condition with all the basic Imperial proofs and all the accouterments.  Included with the gun is a double magazine pouch with the 2nd & 3rd   matching magazines, an Imperial proofed matching stock and full leather accessories including the cleaning rod,  and proofed loading tool.  This is as good as it gets.  Questions to: josef@phoenixinvestmentarms.com C  This piece of history is complete and offered  to the collector seeking the best for $8,895.00.

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